Welcome to my Book Blog!*

HEY Y’ALL… NICE TO MEET YOU! I love hearing from new bloggers so take a look around and please share your thoughts in the comments. If you prefer a post list click on my blogroll above or check out my book reviews by genre next to it… Memes and tags by category are below while my unique to me features are opposite. Just click on the banner of the meme or feature to see a post list.  I f   y o u   l i k e   w h a t   y o u   s e e   f e e l   f r e e   t o   f o l l o w   m e !

*Warning: I am a major FANGIRL of all things Asian. Manga, k-dramas and any protagonist from the Asia continent are go-to for me. I love mental health centered contemporary books as that is a cause close to my heart. My favorite genre is ALL things fantasy… I’m talking new worlds, the future, the past and in the shadow of our own… if its magical, paranormal or sci-fi I’m lining up!