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Passengers of All Races

Etta, on the night of her debut as a violinist, discovers she can time travel. Sheltered and lonely after a youth spent in long hours of practice she is determined to get back to the one person who loves her, Rose, her elderly violin coach. Instead she’s forced to follow a trail laid down by her cold and distant mother. After she meets Nicholas on board a pirate ship in 1776, they head out to find a mysterious artifact connected to her family.

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Engaging Holding Smoke

John Conlan is serving time for two murders at a juvenile rehabilitation center in Denver, Colorado, that of his English teacher and another boy who caught him at the scene. “Smoke,” as his reputation has nicknamed him, trades in information, information he obtains by leaving his body at night and ghosting around the area spying. When he meets Pink he starts to believe he may be able to figure out who really killed his teacher.

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