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Perfect 100 Ghost Soup

A month away from him 18th birthday a Beijing orphan learns someone wants to adopt him, even though his papers say he has no hands. Leaving behind his older twin brother, he travels on the train to his new parents all in the hopes of obtaining a name and a family. Instead he finds two fox spirits and a construction site full of ghosts and some kind of plot that he’s now at the center of. Add in a mysterious Bureau for Eternal Prosperity, a jealous bureaucrat and the wronged Minister of Fate and he finds himself maneuvering through a whole soup of problems.

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Perfect No Virgin

Stacey Woods is not the popular girl. She has big dreams but doesn’t even have enough confidence to share them with anyone but her best friend Patrice. Her younger sister just had a baby and her mom is always on her side. Her dad just started dating and its getting serious. When Stacey has a really rough day and runs from her house, she tries her best friend first who is running around with another girl. A chance run in with a posh boy who actually seems interested in her turns into a nightmare…

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Rise of the Chosen Randomness

Lifeblood is lurking inside the blood of every living human, ready to take over once the body gives out. Those who fight it wake up as heightened immortals commanded to fight in the name of humanity the rest of the undead. The Watch is the organization that control these Chosen and frankly the Chosen are sick of being on a leash. Newly appointed Watch Guard Samantha Shields gets caught in the middle of the cross-fire.

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