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Strays is 5-Star

Lindsey is on her own in the tiny factory town she grew up in. Abandoned by her parents she’s just trying to make graduation so she can ditch the bad memories. When a boy who was kind to her once and disappeared seeks out her help she finds herself compelled to do everything she can for him. Following the trail of his creepy tattoos, Lindsey relies on Johnny, her neighbor who she’s been pushing away. Together they learn of a connection to the medical testing center that saved the town.

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Gardenia, 5-Star Mystery

Ivy can see glowing countdowns. She knows exactly how long everyone has until they die, including herself, which is one month, twenty-seven days, four hours, fifty-nine minutes, and two seconds from now, much shorter than she would like it to be. She’s already missed saving her best friend from her countdown and a misjudgment doomed another girl. Is it possible to save anyone from what will happen? If she can’t save herself then she’s bound and determined to set what she can aright before she passes on.

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SeQuence: The Heart of the Ocean, Book 1

Alessia hears voices, lots and lots of voices, so many that it’s crippling. Water has the ability to dampen the voices but it looks mighty crazy to have sacks of water tied around your head. So its no surprise she’s committed to an asylum. On an island far from home Alessia is able to flee her doctor and her padded cell and escape into the ocean. Only to wake up in Zeneshia, the home of her long-lost grandmother and Dante, the man she’s totally drawn to. As she delves into the history of Zeneshia she learns she is a part of what is going on and she’s the one with the power to stop it.

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