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Guest Post // Unusual Classics – The Weird, The Wacky, The Wonderful

As I've learned more and more about hosting book blogger guest posts I realized this time that I had no idea what Orangutan should post about! She is so eclectic that I simply asked and she said yes and that was that!! She decided on the topic and of course it perfect reflected her...

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I’m participating in the Take Control of your TBR Reading Challenge for March! Are you?!

Every Sunday I've been linking up with Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer for her Sunday Post meme to spread blogger love... I feel that has been very successful! Kimberly is hosting a reading challenge for March! When I heard how easy it was and what an incentive there is I HAD TO PARTICIPATE!

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Discussion // 4 Frustrating Wants I Need from the WordPress platform I Love

I LOVE WordPress. It is a pretty nifty platform. While there aren't tons of free themes I have been able to work with what they have to great success. And best of all their themes are pretty, professional and polished! We only lack a few things that would help us, help you, be the BEST blogging platform out there.

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2018 Moody Reading Challenge

Here it is, FINALLY!! My reading challenge... I have been wanting to create my own tag for a while and have yet to do get it together... so when I thought about a reading challenge that would be fun for me, I wondered if others might enjoy it as well... So with a finite deadline in place (Jan 1st-ish!) I prepared to host my first ever reading challenge!!

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Fantasy 2018 Releases // From the POV of a Graphic Designer

The delightful blogger Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger first thought of this idea in October and I asked her if I could do my own rendition of her First Impressions of Books and she said yes!! So THANK YOU JESSICA. this was TOO much fun!