How to Find Your Book Blogger Flow and Enjoy Blogging Again.

The new year is the perfect time to consider how you feel about being a book blogger. We’re already thinking about things we might want to change in our lives and setting goals to better ourselves.

Recently I made big changes. Moved my blog to a different address, slimmed down my content and focused my priorities. I’m not saying that to brag. My blogging career has been a roller coaster of good and blah moments. Sometimes I’m soooo passionate that I create new features and feel like a brand new blogger again.

At other times I feel like quitting.

When things became challenging in my personal life I seriously considered just that. Quitting. You might have felt this way too. The words you need to write about a book you love just won’t come. You can’t force it. It just doesn’t happen. There is no post that day. And maybe not the next day either.

Yet after 4 years of blogging I’m still here. But how if I’ve struggled as much as I claim?!

You have to find your book blogger flow.

What is blogger flow?

Blogger flow is that zone where our creative ideas stream onto the page, we use the time we have wisely to create a post we feel happy to be posting.

When we’re in a flow we forget our doubts, we’re focused on the thoughts we have to share and we don’t worry about what our readers are going to think or what our stats will be that week.

We go about life satisfied with the time we spent on our blog.

What keeps us from our blogger flow?


We don’t even enjoy what we share in our posts.

Lack of Time.

There’s never enough to get into the writing zone.

No Inspiration.

We have no idea what to write about.

So how do we get into our blogger flow and love blogging again?

Using these tips keeps blogging fresh. It inspires you to make changes so you want to continue to write. It helps you to mange your posts in the time you have.

Find your focus.

When I first started my blog it had an inane name (the first thing I could think of) and because of that I was all over the place. When I finally settled on Perspective of a Writer I felt like I had a direction to pursue, a goal to share my perspective. Even through my recent changes my focus has stayed fixed on sharing my perspective as a writer.

“The purpose of goals is to guide and clarify your thinking.”

Here is a Very Simple Method for Success by Benjamin Hardy

However I did shift my focus to fangirling about storytelling rather than talking about books in general. Thinking as a fangirl reminds me to talk about what I’m passionate about instead of what others expect. This has improved my reviews and made me realize I needed to shed ideas that weren’t adding to my perspective.

This is the benefit of focus.

Prioritize, it’s your blog.

In 2018 I got really caught up in writing involved posts every month. I had a TBR post at the beginning and a wrap up post at the end. And a keep or skip it post in middle.

It left no time for the discussions I’d made a goal to write. I soon became overwhelmed!

Prioritizing is really hard because every day we’re inspired by other book bloggers who are writing and sharing incredible ideas, thoughts and discussions. We want to be like that too. Remember, we only have so much time. That means we have to rank posts in order of importance.

  • Does the post give me joy?
  • Does this post get the kind of attention I want for my blog?
  • Am I excited to talk in the comments about this post?
  • Do I have time to write the posts that excite me?
If the answer to any of these are NO, then we need to prioritize the posts we say YES to.

Try new things.

I love k-dramas. Manga is a story form that I enjoy even as a grown up. I am a total fangirl about these forms of story and you can probably affirm that fact if you’ve ever read even one of these posts on my blog.

When you feel emotionally committed to what you are creating you in turn become more creative and gain insights into everything you do. We feel charged to forge ahead.

We are more than just a book blogger.

Keep at it. The more I posted the better I got at sharing and others took notice. It wasn’t clear at first what was working and what wasn’t. I had to put in the time and effort to learn what others connected with.

If a feature gets boring, change it.

After about a year of blogging I found I really hated my reviews. They were rambling messes and it took me a ton of time to get to the damn point already. So I changed how I approached them. I focused on a broad idea I thought about as I read the book. Words flowed better and I found I loved my reviews.

But they took soooooo long to write. 3 hours long.

So I changed how I set them up. And that served me well for a couple of years. Recently I realized that reviews were the central focus of my blog. So I changed things up. Again. There are no rules saying you have to do book blogging the same way.

Blogging is a process. If your efforts aren’t working for you now then change them.
Are you a happy blogger? What do you do to find your book blogger flow?


  1. OMG I just realized that I hadn’t seen you around… then i remembered that you changed sites.

    There are definitely times when blogging feels sluggish, when you need to add something new to let it feel satisfying again. I love trying different things and even posting about things that aren’t about books or popular media.

  2. Great tips Dani! I agree that it’s important to prioritize by doing what makes us happy! Changing up things definitely helps with blogger flow. I’m glad you’re doing what makes you happy. I’m enjoying your new review format 🙂

  3. Great post! I love how you’ve come up with guiding questions to help prioritize which posts you write. I am big a believer in taking ownership of your blog and doing what YOU want with it, so I’m happy that you address that a lot 🙂

    • Yeah. I think we sometimes think we need to be inspired by others and while that’s not wrong, our own head space has to be happy about it too. I loved your goals for this next year and how fearlessly you chose some goals even being uncertain you could complete them. I’m a big believer in jumping in and trying. ♥️

  4. That’s such a great post, Dani! 🥰 Sometimes I struggle with my blogging motivation, especially when I’m feeling particularly stressed. Finding my focus and what works best for me has definitely helped a lot. Cutting back to 2 posts per week instead of 3 last year opened up so much more of my motivation for blog hopping 😊

    • You know I tried to keep to a rigid schedule but now that it’s not possible to with the illness my loved one is going through I find just blogging when I can, when I feel like it and when I’m motivated is the best policy. 😉 I’m glad you’ve learned that too.

  5. I find that changing things up every once in a while whether it be graphics or content, that it helps remove the boredom. It doesn’t always work, but at least it has kept me creating for the last 2.5 years. I definitely think it’s super important to remember that it is your blog and you get the final say about what is posted and how it looks. Wonderful post, Dani!

  6. We have all struggled with blog flow at some point. I’m only just coming back into my flow after almost 9 months of struggle. The biggest thing for me is to prioritize my blog. Once I make time to do it I feel awesome and can go forever. I have alllll the ideas! I want to talk about alllll the things! I want to connect with allll the bloggers!

    For me, the true key is recognizing when you have diminishing returns. At some point, I can no longer write a book review or a discussion. It requires too much mental energy. But this is the time I have free, so instead of banging my head against a wall, I switch what I’m up to. I’ll read and comment on other blogs, bullet outlines for all the posts I have in my brain, etc. Otherwise it *will* take me three hours to write a book review. Been there. Still doing that.

  7. Love this advice! It can be so hard to write posts when you’re not engaged in the content. Definitely fun to try new things! And yay! I found you again! I completely forgot to follow your new blog!

  8. I am sooooo far behind with my reviews! I throw my all into my reviews, and sometimes I just don’t have the time! I’ve realised, though (for the umpteenth time – it’s a lesson I have to learn over and over again,) that when I put self-care first, I get a lot more done in a lot less time – whether that’s blogging, writing, working, whatever! 🙂

  9. We are more than just book bloggers is so true Dani! If we feel the need to expand and talk about other things than blog we should. And I don’t want to post “for the sake of it” either. I had weekly discussion posts till December and then stopped for the time being as I didn’t have any good idea to discuss. It happens when I am tired and have too much on my plate. The first blogging years I would have felt guilty now, not anymore as I’ve realized that this is MY blog and MY pleasure, not a chore. Fantastic post!

  10. Oh I love this post SO much. I feel like sometimes, I need to change things up and just to… listen to myself, really. Sometimes I’m stuck in that zone where I should write and produce content and I don’t even think and pause for a second to see if what I wrote makes me feel happy, if I’m satisfied with it or if I’m just doing it for the sake of it. Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder ❤

    • Well if you’re content is flowing well then it may signal you’re happy on some level Marie. 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 But for sure change things up if you’re feeling new ideas. They may not always land successfully but it keeps your blogger soul satisfied. ♥️

  11. I have definitely had all three reasons block my blogger flow, and they consequently led to me going on an unannounced hiatus or downright quitting without notice. I appreciate your post highlighting ways to bring back the blogging flow. Maybe I will get back into book blogging one day.

    • Yeah sometimes absence is the only way to make you miss blogging. Hiatuses also can help you clarify what’s important to keep you blogging. I’ve had my share of these challenges so I feel for you Carrie. I’m glad to see you in the book community still. ♥️🤗🙌🏻

  12. Time is definitely the killer. It’s this time of year everyone talks about the changes they will make. Usually they talk about eliminating things I enjoy, but like you said, if it brings me joy, I should do it. I know I want to do more theme weeks. I love the challenge of finding books that fit together, which is probably why I enjoy Top Ten Tuesday so much. I want to use that to keep a flow through a week of posts. Other than that, not sure what changes I want to implement.

  13. I think focusing on our passions is so important to prevent burnout (or to recover from it when it inevitably occurs- ha!). I know for myself sometimes a new post idea or something gets me all excited to post again when i might otherwise be like meh. So yeah I definitely get this. And I agree.

    Also- there really are no RULES. We can change things up as we go, as you point out, and that keeps it fresh I think.

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