About Me


/dan-ee/ noun.

1. lover of all forms of story   2. in progress co-writer of a fantasy series   3. storycraft critic   4. prolific book blogger and reviewer   5. perfectionist who tries to do too much   6. terribly shy introvert   7. master planner

8. bookworm who loves mainly young adult fiction   9. outdoor avoider   10. occasional adult genre reader   11. dragon aficionado   12. mental health advocate   13. secret lover of post apocalyptic premises   14. believer that fantasy should be in everything   15. aunt reading picture books with her nephew

16. quarter Japanese American   17. fangirl of Korean dramas   18. world traveler though not to Asia   19. learner of Korean language   20. K-pop listener and compulsive playlist maker   21. manga enthusiast   22. Lee Min-ho trash