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Top 10 Tuesday: Blogger Super Powers

This is the first post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and is supposed to be Bookish Resolutions/Goals... EXCEPT that I jumped the gun! For today's post I compiled a list of blogger super powers I would need this year to keep my AMBITIOUS 2018 resolutions...

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How to Make Yourself a More Trustworthy Bookworm // Part 2

We all struggle to put into words WHY... why did we feel that way about the book we just read... Here's the second way to get a handle on WHY... Come check it out!

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Around Europe with Proof of Lies

Anastasia speaks 4 languages and has a black belt, having spent her childhood moving from foreign location to foreign location with her scientist parents. When they turn up dead her older sister, Keira can't accept the way they grew up nor the car crash that left no bodies. She doesn't care until Keira goes missing and with her Dresden buddy Marcus hits Europe to follow a trail of clues... will she learn the truth about her parents and find the missing Keira?

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The Good in Selected

Kara has been selected by an alien race who have come to earth, not to invade and take over or cause mass destruction (though they threaten it) but to take a small group of children aged 12-15 years old back to their planet. Each child must pass horrible physical changes as well as learn to work within a group for a common cause. At Kara's side is her childhood crush and neighbor Matt and their instructor and Kara's personal ally Jim, an assimilated teen from another planet pilfered like earth. Will Kara make it to her new world alive?

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5-Star Mad Miss Mimic

Leo is the proper young lady of an affluent 1870s family who lives with her married sister, Christabel. She's also Mad Miss Mimic who when stressed randomly mimics another people's voice flawlessly. It's embarrassing and liberating... especially when she draws the eye of popular Mr Thornfax, the son of a lord who is fabulously wealthy and her brother-in-law's business partner. When the Black Glove start terrorizing the city Leo and Mad Miss Mimic come upon Tom, who seems to know more than he's saying... Will she reveal the mastermind, and who will capture her heart?

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Rise of the Flame…Burns

Realms, races and powers, oh my. A human girl, an elf prince and a hunky emperor with a monstrous army behind him. These three have been prophesied about along with four others whose destiny lies in the fight of their lives slinging around the power of the Gods. Will Lilae fall for the cursed emperor or will she hold out for the elf prince?


The Dollhouse Waste

4 dolls, kidnapped and trapped in their "master's" underground lair, finally break free at a terrible cost to themselves. They return to their families no longer 12 year old but child-like adults. As Riley tries to adjust to life as a normal woman she can't escape the scars of their captivity and escape. Wilson, her next door neighbor, becomes her oasis in a broken life where everyone expects her to live the way they think is best.

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Immortal Writers Premise

Liz, a 19 year old author is coming home from her book tour. With her fantasy series almost complete her life is falling into place nicely. Then she's kidnapped, but not for ill purposes, it's William Shakespeare and he wants her to join his Immortal Writers group. Her words brought her eternal life but they also made real her power hungry villain, dragons, and her sexy hero Curtis. All that's left to secure her place is to survive the final battle with the darkest part of herself...

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Perfect 100 Ghost Soup

A month away from him 18th birthday a Beijing orphan learns someone wants to adopt him, even though his papers say he has no hands. Leaving behind his older twin brother, he travels on the train to his new parents all in the hopes of obtaining a name and a family. Instead he finds two fox spirits and a construction site full of ghosts and some kind of plot that he's now at the center of. Add in a mysterious Bureau for Eternal Prosperity, a jealous bureaucrat and the wronged Minister of Fate and he finds himself maneuvering through a whole soup of problems.

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Perfect No Virgin

Stacey Woods is not the popular girl. She has big dreams but doesn't even have enough confidence to share them with anyone but her best friend Patrice. Her younger sister just had a baby and her mom is always on her side. Her dad just started dating and its getting serious. When Stacey has a really rough day and runs from her house, she tries her best friend first who is running around with another girl. A chance run in with a posh boy who actually seems interested in her turns into a nightmare...

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Chimera: A Narrative Dream

Chimera is a colony ship that transported colonist from earth over 200 years before, put in stasis orbiting the planet to watch over them until their lives are in danger. The time to wake up is now, as the last exchange ship bringing necessary supplies from earth was over 15 years ago. Theo, a 16 year old hacker with a gift for speaking to machines, and 15 year old Selena, a brash but talented pilot with a dark secret in her past are the colonies only hope to bring them aid.

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Firebolt: Worlds of Potential

Sixteen-year old Elena Watkins is hurried from her house for the upteenth time by her dad, "We've got to leave! Now!" This time she finds out why...dragons exist and since she's been on the other side of the wall, they can find her and her dad. With him out of the picture she is taken to safety in Paegia where she is allowed to go to school at the dragon academy.

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Passengers of All Races

Etta, on the night of her debut as a violinist, discovers she can time travel. Sheltered and lonely after a youth spent in long hours of practice she is determined to get back to the one person who loves her, Rose, her elderly violin coach. Instead she's forced to follow a trail laid down by her cold and distant mother. After she meets Nicholas on board a pirate ship in 1776, they head out to find a mysterious artifact connected to her family.

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The Bedlam of Showing vs. Telling

Horror. Not a favorite genre of mine. As a preteen, any desire I had to experience fear of the bogeyman got played out during a horror film festival. So it's shocking that I love BBC America's Bedlam, a British television series that follows four flatmates who live in an old hospital's converted apartments. Old hospital being… Continue reading The Bedlam of Showing vs. Telling