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Hype or Like: Top 5 TBR Fantasy Worlds

This week’s topic is Dreaming I Was There Now... Which fantasy worlds are your favorite and do you catch yourself wishing you were there? This is a list that could potentially have hundreds of favorite worlds and the book need not even be a 5 star for it to have a fantabulous world! To limit the list I decided to pick series I dream about reading but haven't gotten around to yet!

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Top 10 Tuesday: I need to read this because…

We all have overwhelmingly long "to be read" lists...mine is longer than the number of books I've read (which only goes back to 2012 but still...) There are just certain tropes or sub-genres that speak to us, either in the moment or that we have always been attracted to. I need to read these books because...

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Top 5 Books to Make into Video Games

This week’s topic is Books That Would Make Good Video Games. This was a really fun topic this week as my family and I are big gamers. We've played all types from RPGs and shoot'em ups to puzzle games and simulations - we love video games. In fact when I mentioned it to the other members of my household there were shout outs that I couldn't help agreeing with...

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Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron

Khya is a clan warrior whose home is an isolated desert island. She's closest to her brother, Yorri and is constantly pestered by her rival, Tessen. As a rare fykina who can make wards to protect from magic and physical dangers she is important to her team and her ambition in life is to become a leader of her clan. When her brother's body mysteriously disappears she goes on a quest to learn what really happened even if it means betraying her clan and everything she's ever known.

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SeQuence: The Heart of the Ocean, Book 1

Alessia hears voices, lots and lots of voices, so many that it's crippling. Water has the ability to dampen the voices but it looks mighty crazy to have sacks of water tied around your head. So its no surprise she's committed to an asylum. On an island far from home Alessia is able to flee her doctor and her padded cell and escape into the ocean. Only to wake up in Zeneshia, the home of her long-lost grandmother and Dante, the man she's totally drawn to. As she delves into the history of Zeneshia she learns she is a part of what is going on and she's the one with the power to stop it.

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Reflecting The Glass Republic

Pen's been through hell and back with the scars to prove it. All for her best friend Beth, who dragged her into a world of spirits, deities and monsters. When her mirror sister Parva, forged from her reflections in a school bathroom mirror, goes missing Pen determines to track her down - no matter the cost! She pays the price to enter London-Under-Glass and must trade her most valuable commodity her scars to find answers.

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5-Star The Edge of Everything

A mysterious young man appears right when Zoe needs him most; X becomes her rescuer. A man claiming to know her recently dead father suddenly appears squatting at her elderly neighbors' and threatens her and her brother's lives. Zoe witnesses something no one else on earth ever has before: a bounty hunter from a hell called the Lowlands sent to claim this man's soul lets him go because she asks him to. As Zoe and this young man, X, get to know one another she challenges what he knows about his life even as he reveals truths to Zoe she might very well wish never leave the darkness of the caves.

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5-Star Prelude to Mayhem by Edward Aubry

Harrison and Dorothy are two of the very few who try to live in the aftermath of a bizarre melding of the present, the future and the magical. How the environment has been twisted, where all this tech junk came from and why the landscape is suddenly overrun by very real, very dangerous magical creatures are all a mystery as they try to survive the changes to their world. A voice on the radio gives them hope for the future as they make a terrifying trek across thousands of miles to what remains of Chicago...

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The Fearless Travelers’ Guide to Wicked Places

Nell and her brothers, George and Speedy are in for the adventure of their lives when their mother is turned into a bird and they must fearlessly travel into the Dreamlands to change her back. Accompanied by experienced travelers, Badger and Pinch, they must make their way between nightmares and dreamers to reach the wicked places before the Dark Daughters unleash a plague upon the world.

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A Mortal Song Struggle

Sora is a human changeling, not a kami princess, who learns the truth when a ghost army invades Mt. Fuji and takes her fake kami parents captive. Along with her bodyguard and childhood friend, Takeo, she must help the real princess come into her powers and fight with no time to prepare. Along the way she makes new friends and learns what it means to be a human.

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Gilded Cage POVs

A family decides to get their slave days over with now while they can do them together. Smart daughter Abi gets them a plush assignment at one of the Equal estates, where aristocrats with magical gifts live in luxury. Things go awry when Luke her younger brother is sent to a brutal factory town where he joins with revolutionaries. Abi will have to choose between finishing out her 10 years or saving the brother she wasn't able to protect...

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When Rooting for the Villain is Better than Good

ed-it verb. to prepare (text) for publication by checking and improving its accuracy, clarity, etc. Whether you edit in words or edit them out, the point of going over your work is to improve each element of your story. Editing is like a muscle: the more you examine the problems in other works the easier it is… Continue reading When Rooting for the Villain is Better than Good

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Mantis, Mosquito, and Moth…Oh My?

Or Why Racial Diversity is so Important in a Story For a little over three years during my middle school years I found myself living in Germany. My dad was in the military and was stationed in a little town outside Nuremberg. The military is a well-known melting pot for the racially diverse. Any military brat… Continue reading Mantis, Mosquito, and Moth…Oh My?

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Top Ten Reasons I Love Blogging & Reading

This week's Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to explore why we love being a blogger and a reader.  #1 - Falling in Love with Character Character is my number one draw in any story. It's hard to care what is happening plot wise if I don't have equal affection for a character… Continue reading Top Ten Reasons I Love Blogging & Reading

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October Daye’s Fae, Fae World

Genre fiction is the red-haired love child between modern-day and 1940's pulp fiction. You probably vaguely know what pulp fiction means if you've seen the Quentin Tarantino movie by the same name. Actually sensational or fantastical fiction make better names, but at heart they're all one and the same: "Fast-paced, plot-oriented storytelling of a linear… Continue reading October Daye’s Fae, Fae World

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Lessons from Old TV: The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Lesson #2: World Building Television as a writing medium intrigues me. I love the potential to delve into a character's life and explore in detail different themes and situations on an episode by episode basis. In order to teach myself about writing for television I completed a project during the 2011-2012 television season to further those… Continue reading Lessons from Old TV: The Nine Lives of Chloe King