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Bleed Through Crazy

Liam is a college student with schizophrenia who finally has his disease under control with the help of a psychologist who can get through to him. After witnessing a murder all his progress is in the can as he believes his meds have caused him to see events tied to the land. Due to a new girl, Mai, who he likes very much he tries to determine what is real and what is hallucinations as his actions put his family in increasing danger... will he be able to separate fact from fiction in time to save them?

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Home is Where You Are… Details

Anna is your good girl who has a plan and sticks to it. Dean is the homeless guy that she falls in love with. As they learn about each other they find they have more in common than they first thought, but will it be enough to overcome the mindset that comes with homelessness...?

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Eyes Stare in Black Fairy Tale

“NetGalley delivers digital galleys, often called advance reading copies, or ARCs, to professional readers and helps promote new and upcoming titles. Professional readers–reviewers, media, journalists, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators–can join and use NetGalley at no cost.” Netgalley is a special section of my book discussions where I post reviews of the digital books I… Continue reading Eyes Stare in Black Fairy Tale

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The Twisted Usual Suspects

When I heard about the Blind Spot Series blogathon over at The Matinee I knew I would participate this year. I loved the idea of concentrating on 12 foreign and classic movies that every movie lover must see. My list for 2014 is here and I've included some modern misses and Asian films from my watchlist as well. As a modern classic… Continue reading The Twisted Usual Suspects

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Spinning-Off The Hunger Games

I don't know much about Sati over at Cinematic Corner. I have read some of her comments on blogs I do know and she's one opinionated lady. I can relate! Her blogathon was an intriguing idea but not as much as her choice to showcase Beth Macintyre from Black Swan. When I found myself pondering my own choice later I… Continue reading Spinning-Off The Hunger Games

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When Rooting for the Villain is Better than Good

ed-it verb. to prepare (text) for publication by checking and improving its accuracy, clarity, etc. Whether you edit in words or edit them out, the point of going over your work is to improve each element of your story. Editing is like a muscle: the more you examine the problems in other works the easier it is… Continue reading When Rooting for the Villain is Better than Good

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The First Act of Walter Mitty

Contrary to what you may believe is true, few people sympathize with a victim of bullying. From a range of pitiful to sneer worthy, the majority of bystanders feel it's a fault in you for being a target. Even if such people don't look down on you, they certainly don't want to be friends with… Continue reading The First Act of Walter Mitty

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[fan-gurl] noun. Informal: Often Disparaging. an obsessive female fan, especially of something technological or from popular culture: a web forum for Star Wars fangirls. *Note: Also the title of a book by Rainbow Rowell.I wanted to call this post: the miracle of the century. Yes, that is how good this book was to me. Funny… Continue reading fan·girl*

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Lessons from Old TV: Chuck

Lesson #3: Character Sympathy Television as a writing medium intrigues me. I love the potential to delve into a character's life and explore in detail different themes and situations on an episode by episode basis. In order to teach myself about writing for television I completed a project during the 2011-2012 television season to further those… Continue reading Lessons from Old TV: Chuck

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Wonderland Under the Looking Glass

I'll say up front, Alice in Wonderland is not my favorite imaginary world. I don't have a hate on for it or anything, but it bugs me when a heroine is rather too stupid. I mean how can you be surprised when nothing makes much sense after you willingly followed a rabbit down a hole?… Continue reading Wonderland Under the Looking Glass

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I Wanna be Popular too, step #1.

Commit them in the setup. To be popular a work draws them (the audience) into their world and inspires them to participate in the plot with the characters. Everyone knows this but it’s not concrete enough to help a writer much with their own work. With these 7 steps to engaging the audience any work… Continue reading I Wanna be Popular too, step #1.

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Ringer Rushed Off

For a year, during my twenties, I befriended a group of struggling women, all in AA. Everything always came back to one particular moment in their lives. They all shared these very personal stories and it didn't really take them long to do so. In AA they teach you it's cathartic to share these stories with… Continue reading Ringer Rushed Off