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The Wish Fiasco // As You Wish review

As You Wish review by Chelsea Sedoti

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The Puzzle in Diadem of Death by B.R. Myers

Terry Hughes suddenly has the opportunity to join her father on a project for 6 months to finish her mother's work in Egypt. Her summer plans with her boyfriend are pushed to the side as she finds herself knee deep in the clues that could lead to Cleopatra’s lost tomb. With Maude and Fraser's help plus her first crush Awad's hieroglyphics skills will she be able to solve the puzzle?

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Athlete Cyrano de Bergerac // Don’t Kiss the Messenger // Blog Tour & Giveaway

When Emmett and Bryn start attending Edgelake High their senior year they re-enact their own modern Cyrano de Bergerac love story with CeCe smack in the middle. CeCe, while a leader on the volleyball court takes a back seat in love due to the large scar on her face. Emmett, the new football quarterback is blindsided by the gorgeous looks of fellow new student Bryn but falls in love with her emails and texts sent by her secret messenger CeCe. Will they sort out this love tangle?

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Prophet of the Badlands… Post Apocalyptic Wow!

Althea is not like most 12 year olds... her eyes glow in the dark, she can read people's minds and influence them and she can heal the sick in a person whatever it may be. She is the prophet of the badlands and raiders trade, kill and steal her until she finds her way to a small village where she meets Den. He challenges her acceptance of being treated like a commodity... until she finds the courage to use her power to protect those she loves.

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The Magic in ASP of Ascension by B.R. Myers

Nefertari may have been given the name of a queen but she doesn't feel like one so she insists she be called the more common Terry. With her mother dead and her leg crippled this 16 year old must re-enter the world of high school when her archaeologist dad gets a job with a museum. Life is complicated when she is paired with Zach the star basketball player and mean girl Allison takes exception to it. When her father falls into a coma and it is blamed on an Egyptian curse Terry with the help of her new friends, Maude and Fraser will uncover a 50 year old mystery and figure out what happened to the missing asp.

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Strays is 5-Star

Lindsey is on her own in the tiny factory town she grew up in. Abandoned by her parents she's just trying to make graduation so she can ditch the bad memories. When a boy who was kind to her once and disappeared seeks out her help she finds herself compelled to do everything she can for him. Following the trail of his creepy tattoos, Lindsey relies on Johnny, her neighbor who she's been pushing away. Together they learn of a connection to the medical testing center that saved the town.

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The Good in Selected

Kara has been selected by an alien race who have come to earth, not to invade and take over or cause mass destruction (though they threaten it) but to take a small group of children aged 12-15 years old back to their planet. Each child must pass horrible physical changes as well as learn to work within a group for a common cause. At Kara's side is her childhood crush and neighbor Matt and their instructor and Kara's personal ally Jim, an assimilated teen from another planet pilfered like earth. Will Kara make it to her new world alive?

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Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Britta is the illegitimate daughter of the king’s bounty hunter. Cohen is the king’s bounty hunter’s apprentice. The two grew up together training under her father and share a special bond until he abandons her. When her father is murdered her life implodes and she’s forced to race around the neighboring kingdom to find his murderer. When she uncovers a plot against the king of Malam will she be too late to finish her father’s work?