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A Lifetime of Writing Goals

If we constantly put our goals off, we will never see them fulfilled." So here I am to track and enlarge my goals, with the idea to take the steps needed to accomplishing them.

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Expanding Details In Plain Sight

ed-it verb. to prepare (text) for publication by checking and improving its accuracy, clarity, etc. Whether you edit words in or out, the point of going over your work is to improve each element of your story. Editing is like a muscle: the more you examine the problems in other stories the easier it is to diagnose… Continue reading Expanding Details In Plain Sight

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The Twisted Usual Suspects

When I heard about the Blind Spot Series blogathon over at The Matinee I knew I would participate this year. I loved the idea of concentrating on 12 foreign and classic movies that every movie lover must see. My list for 2014 is here and I've included some modern misses and Asian films from my watchlist as well. As a modern classic… Continue reading The Twisted Usual Suspects

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The Source of Ender’s Game

Ender's Game has a soft spot in my heart because it hold's one of the truly best emotional journeys within its pages. The pinnacle of a coming of age story, it's the best book for boys or really anyone who needs some personal empowerment. Ender proves to be the epitome of a leader and his… Continue reading The Source of Ender’s Game

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Story’s Love Affair w/Sex or Talk of Censorship

Yesterday I read a post from the wonderfully smart girls over at The Book Wars. Here she talks about dystopian fiction which is predominately found as a sub-genre of YA fiction. She made a really great case about how dystopian stories were less dystopian and more romance. What I found most disturbing was an assertation… Continue reading Story’s Love Affair w/Sex or Talk of Censorship

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[fan-gurl] noun. Informal: Often Disparaging. an obsessive female fan, especially of something technological or from popular culture: a web forum for Star Wars fangirls. *Note: Also the title of a book by Rainbow Rowell.I wanted to call this post: the miracle of the century. Yes, that is how good this book was to me. Funny… Continue reading fan·girl*

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Lessons from Old TV: Alcatraz

Lesson #5: Story and High Expectations Television as a writing medium intrigues me. I love the potential to delve into a character's life and explore in detail different themes and situations on an episode by episode basis. In order to teach myself about writing for television I completed a project during the 2011-2012 television season to… Continue reading Lessons from Old TV: Alcatraz

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Caleb’s Crossing to Nowhereland

Or When Titles Frustrate Expectations A book club is a great way to expose yourself to stories and subjects you wouldn't choose for yourself. This is the first selection I ever read for my book club and it got mixed reviews from my group. I expected Caleb's Crossing to be about an Indian (cover art) named Caleb… Continue reading Caleb’s Crossing to Nowhereland

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Wonderland Under the Looking Glass

I'll say up front, Alice in Wonderland is not my favorite imaginary world. I don't have a hate on for it or anything, but it bugs me when a heroine is rather too stupid. I mean how can you be surprised when nothing makes much sense after you willingly followed a rabbit down a hole?… Continue reading Wonderland Under the Looking Glass

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Is this the Sherlock Holmes the World Knows?

Or 5 Losses from Modernizing the Quintessential Detective… Modernizing an old character is a simple way to gain a ready audience. Why? Because canon sells movie tickets. Canon banks on a protagonist's already established mythos, relationships and personality as well as the always evolving premises, settings, story lines and character arcs. An audience is excited by a re-imagined… Continue reading Is this the Sherlock Holmes the World Knows?

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Who in the World is Sherlock Holmes?

A beloved character comes together on the screen through production and writing choices. How do they work together to improve the quintessential detective in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows...

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Blue Bloods Need of a Black Sheep

Today, blue bloods is a term we use to describe people from socially prominent family lineages. Funny enough it came from Spain in 1834, translated from the phrase: sangre azul, it referenced certain families being uncontaminated by Moorish or Jewish blood; all due to their fair complexion making their blue veins apparent under the skin.… Continue reading Blue Bloods Need of a Black Sheep

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Conflict for Boring Blue Bloods

I love me some police procedural! It wasn't always so. I spent my 20s learning to love murder as much as my writing partner does, as a result she and I are resident connoisseurs of the genre. Castle, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and The Mentalist are a few of my favorite series, but I knew… Continue reading Conflict for Boring Blue Bloods