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Mute + Deaf = Love // A Quiet Kind of Thunder review

A Quiet Kind of Thunder review by Sara Barnard

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Chatty Isis in Remember Me Forever // Blog Tour & Giveaway

Enter the giveaway after you read the review... Isis Blake in the third book of the Lovely Vicious series is off to college. Jack Hunter has blown town and his goodbye...a plane ticket! Isis bravely leaves for Ohio State University and determines to be happy even if she has to lie to convince herself. When Nameless, her darkest secret shows up she is shaken to the core, only more so by the fact Jack Hunter appears right behind him. Can she keep it together and save her college life?

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5-Star Aisuru by Anma Natsu

Sakura is dying. A soft hearted girl but extremely strong she does not want to burden others with her friendship when she will be dead by the end of the year. She stays true to this philosophy until a yokai drops in her garden with several stab wounds. By befriending Kasuki it opens her up to other overtures in the form of two of her classmates. These friends won't change her fate but as she falls in love and learns to rely on them Sakura finds she isn't so accepting of her death after all.


The Dollhouse Waste

4 dolls, kidnapped and trapped in their "master's" underground lair, finally break free at a terrible cost to themselves. They return to their families no longer 12 year old but child-like adults. As Riley tries to adjust to life as a normal woman she can't escape the scars of their captivity and escape. Wilson, her next door neighbor, becomes her oasis in a broken life where everyone expects her to live the way they think is best.

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Rise of the Chosen Randomness

Lifeblood is lurking inside the blood of every living human, ready to take over once the body gives out. Those who fight it wake up as heightened immortals commanded to fight in the name of humanity the rest of the undead. The Watch is the organization that control these Chosen and frankly the Chosen are sick of being on a leash. Newly appointed Watch Guard Samantha Shields gets caught in the middle of the cross-fire.

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Visualizing the Modern Themes in Her

A stellar actor can elevate the worst tripe, while special effects tend to plasticize story, yet the right art direction will add to not only the world but the characters as well. Purely Production is a monthly post where I explore the different elements that affect a finished media, for good or ill. We’ll forget about writing… Continue reading Visualizing the Modern Themes in Her

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Story’s Love Affair w/Sex or Talk of Censorship

Yesterday I read a post from the wonderfully smart girls over at The Book Wars. Here she talks about dystopian fiction which is predominately found as a sub-genre of YA fiction. She made a really great case about how dystopian stories were less dystopian and more romance. What I found most disturbing was an assertation… Continue reading Story’s Love Affair w/Sex or Talk of Censorship

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George & Ginny Meet Angels and Travel to Possible Realities

Or a Comparison between 2 Christmas Classics Christmas is a magical time of the year. There is a quality to the season that opens hearts and inspires a generosity of spirit that we as a society would do well to prosper the entire year. Christmas is also a time of traditions though, and one of… Continue reading George & Ginny Meet Angels and Travel to Possible Realities