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Realistic Marine Dystopian // Fourth Dimension review

Fourth Dimension review The Rule of Three series spinoff by Eric Walters

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Nick the Knight, Dragon Slayer

Nick the Knight has big dreams and they all feature fighting Breakhorn the Dragon... only this old dragon doesn't want to fight... He makes up excuses to send the little knight away but which bring him back to the dragon. Will he finally fight Nick or are these visits adding up to an... unexpected friendship?

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A Chapter Experiment: Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker

Beatrice Zinker does everything better upside down! Over summer break she's missing her best friend, Lenny, but they have a top secret plan once school is back in session! Only Lenny doesn't come in a matching ninja suit on the first day of third grade... no! She's totally different with not only a cool new look but also a cool new friend... and there doesn't seem to be a place for Beatrice.

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A Pattern For Pepper

Pepper has a special occasion coming up and her mother takes her to the tailor for the perfect dress... As Pepper is shown a pattern and it's origins explained she has a reason why it won't work: "Dotted Swiss? Too plain. Houndstooth? Not enough color. Pinstripe? Too glum." Will he be able to find the right fabric for her first dress?

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Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner

"It's a special occasion! It's time for a treat. Time to dress up and go out to eat." But please, do not take your dragon to dinner. Why? Because his manners are atrocious. A diverse group of children all learn the embarrassing reasons not to take their dragons to dinner.

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There, There

There's no other way to say it, Hare is a whiner, he complains about every bad that happens in the grumpiest way possible. Bear, his friend and roommate is very patient and enduring, only saying There, There... until one day he's had enough, he drags Hare out to the mud for a lesson with the humblest of earthworms.

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The Fog

Icyland is a special place that people like to visit and the home of Warble, a small yellow bird who loves to human watch. When a deep fog rolls in and lingers the other birds don't seem to mind but Warble becomes concerned. It's not until a Red-hooded Spectacled Female (Juvenile) also notices the fog that Warble decides to do something about the spreading fog.

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The Puzzle in Diadem of Death by B.R. Myers

Terry Hughes suddenly has the opportunity to join her father on a project for 6 months to finish her mother's work in Egypt. Her summer plans with her boyfriend are pushed to the side as she finds herself knee deep in the clues that could lead to Cleopatra’s lost tomb. With Maude and Fraser's help plus her first crush Awad's hieroglyphics skills will she be able to solve the puzzle?

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Just A Normal Tuesday by Kim Turrisi

Teen Kai returns home on just a normal Tuesday to find a letter from her older sister, Jen. It says she's already gone but Kai rushes over to try to save her. Unable to deal with what she finds Kai spirals into hardcore drug and alcohol use which don't work well with the dark thoughts that start to invade her reality. Luckily her best friends have her back and report her descent to her parents who send her to a grief camp where she learns she is not alone in losing someone she loves. There she meets friends for life who help her to keep moving forward...

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The Magic in ASP of Ascension by B.R. Myers

Nefertari may have been given the name of a queen but she doesn't feel like one so she insists she be called the more common Terry. With her mother dead and her leg crippled this 16 year old must re-enter the world of high school when her archaeologist dad gets a job with a museum. Life is complicated when she is paired with Zach the star basketball player and mean girl Allison takes exception to it. When her father falls into a coma and it is blamed on an Egyptian curse Terry with the help of her new friends, Maude and Fraser will uncover a 50 year old mystery and figure out what happened to the missing asp.

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The Travesty in The Yellow Envelope

Kim decides that she's sick of her regular 9 to 5 existence and convinces her husband that she missed out on traveling the world and writing. The only way to rectify this travesty is for them to quit their jobs and head out to South America where they can travel cheaply. Friends give them a yellow envelope as a gift with money they can give away if they like.