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Book Blogger Hop: Reading Movie Tie-ins

I missed the little chats that this meme brings to the table! It really is fun and I can talk about things I probably wouldn't normally reference this way!

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Goodjob, Oldboy

It's been fun participating in the Blind Spot Series blogathon over at The Matinee during 2014. Exploring Asian and foreign films as well as modern and not so modern classics has been eye-opening. As a Korean cult classic Oldboy blindsided me with its visual spectacle… How can a filmmaker review Oldboy by Park Chan-Wook and think 'I need to remake this movie?' I… Continue reading Goodjob, Oldboy

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A Lifetime of Writing Goals

If we constantly put our goals off, we will never see them fulfilled." So here I am to track and enlarge my goals, with the idea to take the steps needed to accomplishing them.

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Visualizing the Modern Themes in Her

A stellar actor can elevate the worst tripe, while special effects tend to plasticize story, yet the right art direction will add to not only the world but the characters as well. Purely Production is a monthly post where I explore the different elements that affect a finished media, for good or ill. We’ll forget about writing… Continue reading Visualizing the Modern Themes in Her


W = Wah Sing Ku

Villains. Ugh. While I need my antagonists to be as strong or stronger than my protagonists when it comes to characters, at most, I love me some reluctant heroes. So there's a lot of pressure on Wah Sing Ku, the vicious high-ranking Chinese Triad negotiator from the 1998 film, Lethal Weapon 4. I loved that he was… Continue reading W = Wah Sing Ku


U = Uriah

When a minor secondary character impresses a reader you know you've hit on a special magic that makes characters into people. Uriah Pedrad from the Divergent series is one such character. Tris, our point of view character first meets Uriah during a joint Dauntless born and other faction initiates activity. Up to this point both groups… Continue reading U = Uriah


T = Thorin

Richard Armitage wowed me with his portrayal as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It wasn't his acting. It wasn't his bearing or his costuming. No, it was his voice. Thorin is a king, specifically King Under the Mountain, Thorin II Oakenshield, son of Thráin, son of Thrór. Those titles are thrown around the movie… Continue reading T = Thorin

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The Twisted Usual Suspects

When I heard about the Blind Spot Series blogathon over at The Matinee I knew I would participate this year. I loved the idea of concentrating on 12 foreign and classic movies that every movie lover must see. My list for 2014 is here and I've included some modern misses and Asian films from my watchlist as well. As a modern classic… Continue reading The Twisted Usual Suspects


Q = Qui-Gon Jinn

My favorite human Jedi hands down is Qui-Gon Jinn. We meet him while on a mission to Naboo with his padawan, Obi-Won, to protect Queen Amidala. I love when Padmé questions Qui-Gon in the Queen's name and he says the Queen doesn't need to know, not knowing himself he's talking to the queen. I also love… Continue reading Q = Qui-Gon Jinn


P = Pale Man

I admit it - I'm in love with subtitles! Okay, I'm really in love with the international community and their love of stories. Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican filmmaker who loves dark fantasy. He wowed Cannes Film Festival in 2006 with his movie, Pan's Labyrinth. I went to see the film and though it only… Continue reading P = Pale Man


O = Olaf

"Hi everyone, I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs!"  A snippet of memory given life, this magical snowman embodies all of the sisters' love and dreams. Elsa creates Olaf almost in passing as she sheds the restrictions put upon her by a loving if misguided parent. As soon as he's formed he's forgotten as she attempts to… Continue reading O = Olaf

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Blogathon: The Personification of Death

Andrew aka Fisti is holding a blogathon and I might very well make his deadline! He reminds us: "This is a blogathon about film, and film broaches God in many different (and subjective) ways, so I encourage all of your viewpoints and posts so as to make this a well-rounded collection of thoughts!" God and… Continue reading Blogathon: The Personification of Death


L = Ludo

Rocks friends. Gosh, I loved Labyrinth as a teenager. Who doesn't have a little brother or sister that annoys them to no end at times? Only an only child, that's who! A girl dealing with her father's remarriage wishes her baby half-brother, Toby, away, not realizing it really could happen. The Goblin King Jareth has his… Continue reading L = Ludo


I = Inigo

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Everyone knows those words. They are from the famed fencer, Inigo Montoya, a beloved character from the film, The Princess Bride. His father was killed by a six-fingered nobleman fencer who'd commissioned a sword from him. He's also the man who scared… Continue reading I = Inigo


G = Gizmo

Gremlins is one of my first legitimate movie memories. This is the stuff of movie loving. Gizmo is integral to this loving and as a result I will forever desire unusual alien pets for my cuddly companions. I remember exiting the movie theater bawling because Gizmo was taken from Billy and returned to Mr. Wing,… Continue reading G = Gizmo

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Blogathon: In the Mood for Love

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog is hosting a blogathon on movies that film lovers would suggest to Steve Rogers after he was defrosted in the modern world at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. Ruth over at Flixchatter participated, of course, here. Reading her and Ted's list I came across Wall-E as one of her choices and… Continue reading Blogathon: In the Mood for Love