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The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Vol.1-2

Review of The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol.1-2 by Kore Yamazaki

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Combating the Post-Fantasy Reading Blues

Fantasy series are lush and rich with details, characters and sprawling landscapes... once you get to the end of 500 pages of lusciousness you are worn out due to all the FEEELLLSSS and exciting action! The last thing you want to do is read another one... you need a palate cleanser (as I like to call them) to give yourself a change of pace before you head back in...

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A Lifetime of Writing Goals

If we constantly put our goals off, we will never see them fulfilled." So here I am to track and enlarge my goals, with the idea to take the steps needed to accomplishing them.

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Top Ten Characters Who X

Are there Characters you'd Follow Anywhere?


N = Niche

Have you ever wanted to adopt a character? I have, I have and her name is Niche. Looking at her you probably aren't too curious why I love her so much. Sure, she's cute you think to yourself, but come on, what's so remarkable about a little girl in a pink/purple dress? Well, I could… Continue reading N = Niche


K = Katsuya, Kyoko & Kazuma

Parents. They create us, they raise us (or abandon us), ultimately they form us, either through their presence in our lives or the lack of it. Katsuya, Kyoko and Kazuma are all parents from the Japanese manga Fruits Basket. This manga is the first one I read to completion (yes, all 23 volumes!) and I warn anyone… Continue reading K = Katsuya, Kyoko & Kazuma


D = Daisy

Daisy is quite an odd name for a man. It's quite perfect for the text address of an elusive computer hacker who also acts as a girl's confidante after her brother dies. A man heavy with the guilt of the past must fulfill the promise he made to her brother after his death to support… Continue reading D = Daisy

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Top 10 Characters I’d Never Trade Places With

It's the characters that bring the world to life, the trials they overcome and the experiences they give us access to.