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For Crime and Medical Thriller Lovers… the Procedural Genre

Are you a medical and crime thriller reader? Then I've got the K-drama genre for you... come check out these dramas!

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Fangirl Filmography: Park Shin-hye

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I’m super excited!! IT'S A GIRL!! I know I am NOT just a boy lover even though evidence does say that I am mostly a boy lover... This young woman convinced me that K-dramas have heart, and emotions!! (DO NOT FRET... I am mocking stereotypes here, not making fun of the Koreans I love!!)

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Top 10 Tuesday: Best Books of 2017

I've been anticipating this list for all of November... wondering which book I would pick as my ULTIMATE winner... wondering if I'd forgotten any books from early in the year... Come see what this indie lover chose for her best of 2017 list...

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Fangirl Filmography Choi Si-won

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Si-won is an actor/idol who is HARD not to love... so... Here I am WARNING YOU... again WARNING, WARNING... If you proceed there are gifs that will CONVERT you to k-dramas... if you DO NOT WANT this then back away slowly... any sudden movements and Si-won will flash his smile at you and you'll be a goner for sure...

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Top 10 Tuesday: Book Recommends for Asian Diversity Lovers

I am always going on about how I love Asian diversity... and publishers have listened! I have a ton of Asian books TBR but for every trend there are forerunners... These are my top 10...

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Goodjob, Oldboy

It's been fun participating in the Blind Spot Series blogathon over at The Matinee during 2014. Exploring Asian and foreign films as well as modern and not so modern classics has been eye-opening. As a Korean cult classic Oldboy blindsided me with its visual spectacle… How can a filmmaker review Oldboy by Park Chan-Wook and think 'I need to remake this movie?' I… Continue reading Goodjob, Oldboy