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The Gender Confusion in Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is your typical romantic-comedy. The two leads are your stereotypical rich guy, poor girl. There's a clichéd love triangle plus an overused trope: girl poses as boy and falls in love. Where the story gets good is when it goes modern! Any family business big enough to need an heir is going to put said heir under… Continue reading The Gender Confusion in Coffee Prince

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A Lifetime of Writing Goals

Recently I heard a man talk about goals and how we need to make bigger goals because they are acts of faith. Another speaker spoke about how essential it is to write these goals down so that we will start to plan how to achieve them otherwise they are only wishes. And a quoted man… Continue reading A Lifetime of Writing Goals

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The 14 Superstars of Coffee Prince

A stellar actor can elevate the worst tripe, while special effects tend to plasticize story, yet the right art direction will add to not only the world but the characters as well. Purely Production is a monthly post where I explore the different elements that affect a finished media, for good or ill. We’ll forget about writing for a… Continue reading The 14 Superstars of Coffee Prince

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The Families of Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is a 2007 romantic comedy that epitomizes what everyone wants from a romantic comedy. A television show, even one from South Korea, is made up of two equally important parts: story and production. When these elements come together well we have a winner and when they don't we adjust our expectations accordingly. I'm here to… Continue reading The Families of Coffee Prince

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The Defining Power of Relationships

During the course of April I completed a challenge to write everyday but Sundays. I did it! I focused on characters that I what did I end up learning? I love challenges. If you plan well for them, you become empowered through the experience. Your ability to execute your ideas increases and the strength… Continue reading The Defining Power of Relationships

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Y = Yong-ha

How to introduce Gu Yong-ha? I love him! He's amazing! Adorkable! Even conniving! So, so happy he went good! That won't work. It doesn't really tell you anything. He is that amazing though. First I should explain that Gu is his last name. In Korea they put family first so it stands to reason last names… Continue reading Y = Yong-ha

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J = Jeremy

This is Jeremy. Yes, yes, Jeremy. That's it, we never learn the rest of his name in the k-drama, You're Beautiful. He's not normally this angry or mean. Yet both the name and the face suit the character, for Jeremy doesn't have a subtle bone in his body. It also suits the role his character… Continue reading J = Jeremy

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H = Hye-gyul

Hye-gyul is portrayed by a little 5-year-old girl named Kang Ji-woo. She has a massive 7 roles under her belt with this character and it shows. I'm always attracted to the power a young actor embodies with their raw natural talent and Kang Ji-woo is no different. In the k-drama The Suspicious Housekeeper the two… Continue reading H = Hye-gyul

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Links Amongst A Writing Storm

If this is your first time to my blog then you've landed in a post rich month! During the month of April I'm participating in a challenge to blog everyday of the month (except Sundays) and I've chosen characters to highlight. It's a fun topic where I get to focus on what I love but it… Continue reading Links Amongst A Writing Storm

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K-drama Cherry Pop

Whenever we head off into the unknown to explore something new we have to start out with a destination. A point of origin if you will that you look back on and say that's where my passion overcame me. With k-dramas it's no different. Let's head on in and find the perfect show to pop… Continue reading K-drama Cherry Pop

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April Showers, May-ny Fantabluous…

This year I made lots of goals to make this blog a regular place I come to write. I've been pretty successful so far so I thought a challenge was in order. A blogging challenge hosted by a group of bloggers here with the theme reveals here. They've been around a few years and it's been a… Continue reading April Showers, May-ny Fantabluous…

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The Many Varied Delights of K-Drama-Land

I'm a self-professed fangirl of the television exports from South Korea. Puzzled? If you're just coming into the conversation then bone up on the Hallyu wave by reading my primer here. If you're already in on the power of k-dramas then follow me as we explore the many varied delights of K-Drama-Land. Rarely are we in… Continue reading The Many Varied Delights of K-Drama-Land

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A K-drama Primer

I lied. Let me explain. When I mentioned fangirls in my last post I claimed that I've never been a fangirl of even the most popular of fads. Well that isn't strictly true, recently I've become obsessed with a form of television so unique it has its own name - Korean dramas or k-dramas for short. The… Continue reading A K-drama Primer

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Resolute Resolutions for 2014

I firmly believe the best way to reach your goals is to start off as you mean to go along. Sure you can fall off the bandwagon at times but muscle memory will have you hopping to your feet to jump back on the train. For this reason I love the start of a new… Continue reading Resolute Resolutions for 2014

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A New Year of Cognitive Dissonance

Or Movies and TV Shows I'm Anticipating in 2014 A stellar actor can elevate the worst tripe, while special effects tend to plasticize story, yet the right art direction will add to not only the world but the characters as well. Purely Production is a monthly post where I explore the different elements that affect a finished… Continue reading A New Year of Cognitive Dissonance

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A Time of Thanksgiving: Television

During Thanksgiving we celebrate all the things we love: family, faith, purpose in life, and blessings. We gather together and through our family traditions share with each other our gratitude. As a writer I have many other things I'm thankful for as well. The worlds that come alive through books, movies and television can never replace… Continue reading A Time of Thanksgiving: Television

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The Character of Theme Music

Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges are here to help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles. Check out the challenge this week here. It doesn't matter what era you're from if… Continue reading The Character of Theme Music