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Top 10 Tuesday: Best Books of 2017

I've been anticipating this list for all of November... wondering which book I would pick as my ULTIMATE winner... wondering if I'd forgotten any books from early in the year... Come see what this indie lover chose for her best of 2017 list...

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January 2018 Releases // From the POV of a Graphic Designer

The delightful blogger Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger first thought of this idea in October and I asked her if I could do my own rendition of her First Impressions of Books and she said yes!! So THANK YOU JESSICA. this was TOO much fun!

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Top 5 Authors I Want to Write Like // A Compilation of My Writing Style

In honor of NaNo wrapping up, I'm discussing the author that I would LOVE to write like! What are my reasons for loving them? As a writer myself their work embodies aspects that I want to be a part of my own writing! Come check out those essential elements...

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Top 10 Tuesday: Future Female Leaders

Today the world is very much run by men... I can see a future where there are female leaders through every level of society! They lead where they are and do so with panache, poise and power...

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Top 10 Tuesday: Unique Book Titles

In choosing these books I wanted to use books I have read, ones whose titles are MORE than a literal person or place unless they are totally unique to themselves, and I wanted titles that were emotive or cause my imagination to ignite!

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Top 10 Tuesday: Book Club Hidden Gems

I'm not sure anyone knows that I am a part of a book club...? I've not written a post about my group in a while... We are an eclectic group of woman made up of a large range in ages. Let me tell you it is SO HARD to find a book EVERYONE will love... Here are some hidden gems for all ages...