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Fantasy Culture Wishlist

I'm not the only American in love with culture as it is the basis of the world building in many, many stories, especially fantasy ones! Here is my short wishlist of culture based magic and world-building that I would love to see more of in young adult fiction and fantasy in general...

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The Hatching of Abylar in The Dragon Orb // Blog Tour & Giveaway

Today is my turn to weigh in on the work of indie author Mike Shelton... if you or someone you know enjoys dungeon and dragon adventures then you've got to read this...

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Guest Post by Mallory McCartney Author of Black Dawn

Today is my turn to share with you, Black Dawn!! I’m so excited the author wrote a guest post… if you’d like to read what other bloggers think, click the banner below to find the blog tour details… What made you explore multiple point of views in your debut novel? Why did you choose to… Continue reading Guest Post by Mallory McCartney Author of Black Dawn

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5-Star Etched in Bone

The Elders, the bigger, more lethal for of others, are on the march. What, if any humans will they allow to live on their continents? Lakeside Courtyard becomes a source of research for them as they observe how Simon Wolfgard governs and deals with the human pack Meg Corbyn has drawn around them. Then Lieutenant Montgomery’s brother Jimmy arrives and threatens the life of every human in Thaisia...


V = Valek

You have been awaiting execution for killing an abuser. A stay will be put into place if you willingly become the Commander's food taster. You'll be putting your life on the line to make sure the man who conquered your country won't be killed by poison. You are Yelena. Valek is your keeper. Infamous for his… Continue reading V = Valek