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Keep it or Skip it? Mostly Middle Grade

Have you read any of these? I need your help as I sort through my tbr shelf to find the must reads...

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Top 10 Tuesday: Books from Santa (AKA Me!) For My Writing Partner

I had to twist the topic as I don't want Santa to bring me any books this year (its complicated why NOT and since I'm tired of rewriting this opener I'm going to say JUST BECAUSE!!) So I wondered what would be MORE FUN... and as I wasn't able to deliver on my original idea my writing partner offered to pick out 10 books Santa (or really me as she doesn't believe in Santa Claus anymore) could put under the tree for her!

Memes and Tags, Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday: Best Books of 2017

I've been anticipating this list for all of November... wondering which book I would pick as my ULTIMATE winner... wondering if I'd forgotten any books from early in the year... Come see what this indie lover chose for her best of 2017 list...