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A tag made for those dreamy covers we can't get enough of...

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Top 10 Tuesday: Book Club Hidden Gems

I'm not sure anyone knows that I am a part of a book club...? I've not written a post about my group in a while... We are an eclectic group of woman made up of a large range in ages. Let me tell you it is SO HARD to find a book EVERYONE will love... Here are some hidden gems for all ages...

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Boo’s Picture Gallery: Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner

"It's a special occasion! It's time for a treat. Time to dress up and go out to eat." But please, do not take your dragon to dinner. Why? Because his manners are atrocious. A diverse group of children all learn the embarrassing reasons not to take their dragons to dinner.

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Boo’s Picture Gallery: The Fog

Icyland is a special place that people like to visit and the home of Warble, a small yellow bird who loves to human watch. When a deep fog rolls in and lingers the other birds don't seem to mind but Warble becomes concerned. It's not until a Red-hooded Spectacled Female (Juvenile) also notices the fog that Warble decides to do something about the spreading fog.