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The Puzzle in Diadem of Death by B.R. Myers

Terry Hughes suddenly has the opportunity to join her father on a project for 6 months to finish her mother's work in Egypt. Her summer plans with her boyfriend are pushed to the side as she finds herself knee deep in the clues that could lead to Cleopatra’s lost tomb. With Maude and Fraser's help plus her first crush Awad's hieroglyphics skills will she be able to solve the puzzle?

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Top 10 Tuesday: I need to read this because…

We all have overwhelmingly long "to be read" lists...mine is longer than the number of books I've read (which only goes back to 2012 but still...) There are just certain tropes or sub-genres that speak to us, either in the moment or that we have always been attracted to. I need to read these books because...

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The Magic in ASP of Ascension by B.R. Myers

Nefertari may have been given the name of a queen but she doesn't feel like one so she insists she be called the more common Terry. With her mother dead and her leg crippled this 16 year old must re-enter the world of high school when her archaeologist dad gets a job with a museum. Life is complicated when she is paired with Zach the star basketball player and mean girl Allison takes exception to it. When her father falls into a coma and it is blamed on an Egyptian curse Terry with the help of her new friends, Maude and Fraser will uncover a 50 year old mystery and figure out what happened to the missing asp.

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NemeSIS by Susan Marshall

Nadine is sick of hiding in the library and uses AA's 12 step plan to make a plan of her own to take back her high school life. With the help of the school's librarian and the other girl hiding in the library, Anne, she is able to fulfill her plan each step at a time. Through her new experiences Nadine realizes there is a problem at home that has to be dealt with before she can leave behind her past as a door mat... Rachel, her volatile older sister who is struggling due to the unreliable men in her life.

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5-Star Aisuru by Anma Natsu

Sakura is dying. A soft hearted girl but extremely strong she does not want to burden others with her friendship when she will be dead by the end of the year. She stays true to this philosophy until a yokai drops in her garden with several stab wounds. By befriending Kasuki it opens her up to other overtures in the form of two of her classmates. These friends won't change her fate but as she falls in love and learns to rely on them Sakura finds she isn't so accepting of her death after all.

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Favorite Non-Human Characters

Hype or Like Friday: This week’s topic is Favorite Non-Human Characters. This is a list that could potentially have hundreds of favorite characters made up of humanoids from different races. To limit the list a little more I decided my favs would have to be those characters that differ from humans in a significant way.

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Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron

Khya is a clan warrior whose home is an isolated desert island. She's closest to her brother, Yorri and is constantly pestered by her rival, Tessen. As a rare fykina who can make wards to protect from magic and physical dangers she is important to her team and her ambition in life is to become a leader of her clan. When her brother's body mysteriously disappears she goes on a quest to learn what really happened even if it means betraying her clan and everything she's ever known.

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5-Star The Edge of Everything

A mysterious young man appears right when Zoe needs him most; X becomes her rescuer. A man claiming to know her recently dead father suddenly appears squatting at her elderly neighbors' and threatens her and her brother's lives. Zoe witnesses something no one else on earth ever has before: a bounty hunter from a hell called the Lowlands sent to claim this man's soul lets him go because she asks him to. As Zoe and this young man, X, get to know one another she challenges what he knows about his life even as he reveals truths to Zoe she might very well wish never leave the darkness of the caves.

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Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Britta is the illegitimate daughter of the king’s bounty hunter. Cohen is the king’s bounty hunter’s apprentice. The two grew up together training under her father and share a special bond until he abandons her. When her father is murdered her life implodes and she’s forced to race around the neighboring kingdom to find his murderer. When she uncovers a plot against the king of Malam will she be too late to finish her father’s work?

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5-Star Mad Miss Mimic

Leo is the proper young lady of an affluent 1870s family who lives with her married sister, Christabel. She's also Mad Miss Mimic who when stressed randomly mimics another people's voice flawlessly. It's embarrassing and liberating... especially when she draws the eye of popular Mr Thornfax, the son of a lord who is fabulously wealthy and her brother-in-law's business partner. When the Black Glove start terrorizing the city Leo and Mad Miss Mimic come upon Tom, who seems to know more than he's saying... Will she reveal the mastermind, and who will capture her heart?


The Dollhouse Waste

4 dolls, kidnapped and trapped in their "master's" underground lair, finally break free at a terrible cost to themselves. They return to their families no longer 12 year old but child-like adults. As Riley tries to adjust to life as a normal woman she can't escape the scars of their captivity and escape. Wilson, her next door neighbor, becomes her oasis in a broken life where everyone expects her to live the way they think is best.

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A Mortal Song Struggle

Sora is a human changeling, not a kami princess, who learns the truth when a ghost army invades Mt. Fuji and takes her fake kami parents captive. Along with her bodyguard and childhood friend, Takeo, she must help the real princess come into her powers and fight with no time to prepare. Along the way she makes new friends and learns what it means to be a human.

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Immortal Writers Premise

Liz, a 19 year old author is coming home from her book tour. With her fantasy series almost complete her life is falling into place nicely. Then she's kidnapped, but not for ill purposes, it's William Shakespeare and he wants her to join his Immortal Writers group. Her words brought her eternal life but they also made real her power hungry villain, dragons, and her sexy hero Curtis. All that's left to secure her place is to survive the final battle with the darkest part of herself...

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Perfect 100 Ghost Soup

A month away from him 18th birthday a Beijing orphan learns someone wants to adopt him, even though his papers say he has no hands. Leaving behind his older twin brother, he travels on the train to his new parents all in the hopes of obtaining a name and a family. Instead he finds two fox spirits and a construction site full of ghosts and some kind of plot that he's now at the center of. Add in a mysterious Bureau for Eternal Prosperity, a jealous bureaucrat and the wronged Minister of Fate and he finds himself maneuvering through a whole soup of problems.

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Perfect No Virgin

Stacey Woods is not the popular girl. She has big dreams but doesn't even have enough confidence to share them with anyone but her best friend Patrice. Her younger sister just had a baby and her mom is always on her side. Her dad just started dating and its getting serious. When Stacey has a really rough day and runs from her house, she tries her best friend first who is running around with another girl. A chance run in with a posh boy who actually seems interested in her turns into a nightmare...

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Remnants Dual POV Battle

An alien invasion post apocalypse teenage survival story. Darrel, Habi, Maggie, Jacob and Penny all find each other as they are a handful of the few left behind when all others along with all animals on the entire planet disappear. Marks are left on the doors indicating they are there for the pickings by the invaders, coined alions for their odd human/lion appearance. Set in out distant future, these kids hunt down the reasons how and why this happened.

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Passengers of All Races

Etta, on the night of her debut as a violinist, discovers she can time travel. Sheltered and lonely after a youth spent in long hours of practice she is determined to get back to the one person who loves her, Rose, her elderly violin coach. Instead she's forced to follow a trail laid down by her cold and distant mother. After she meets Nicholas on board a pirate ship in 1776, they head out to find a mysterious artifact connected to her family.