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Top 10 OTPs to Fall in Love with Manga

Today I’m going to share my top 10 Manga OTPs! (One true pairing for those who So these won't necessarily be my favorite manga of ALL time but they are all quite good. I really LOVE and ADORE the couples in these manga and ANY romance lover will find them great gateway series to fall in love with manga!!

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Top 5 Authors I Want to Write Like // A Compilation of My Writing Style

In honor of NaNo wrapping up, I'm discussing the author that I would LOVE to write like! What are my reasons for loving them? As a writer myself their work embodies aspects that I want to be a part of my own writing! Come check out those essential elements...

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🍂 Fall Time, Cozy Book & Manga Tag + 3 Intriguing Questions for YOU!!

I love to make over tags with my own little details... I added the manga entry to make it fun for me (and hopefully you too!) I also changed the pumpkin spice question from just foods to genres too! A couple of the questions are quite unusual... see if you can guess which ones I'm going to ask YOU!

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Talking Spoilers in A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Thorns and Roses was so hyped that I wanted to read it for that reason alone... but I was also so intrigued by the idea of the fae being mixed with a beauty and the beast retelling... the two seemed MADE to go together... Yet I found myself LOVING and HATING the book at the same time... so what details do I want to talk about? Come see (it's more positive than you'd think!)...

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Talking Spoilers in Strange the Dreamer

Strange the Dreamer made my mind race and churn out speculations a mile a minute! That book is directly responsible for inspiring my new feature!! What if no one has read the book?! What if they don't want to talk spoilers?! (Stop worrying me with these questions! Please...) All I can say is I'm taking… Continue reading Talking Spoilers in Strange the Dreamer