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Highly Recommended: Review of Red Winter by Annette Marie

Emi is a kamigakari, the human host of an immortal goddess called Amaterasu. Since the age of 8 she has had to carefully sacrifice to become the pure vessel Amaterasu needs to descend and walk the earth once more. A few months before Emi will become Amaterasu's receptacle she becomes aware of what she is giving up for this honor... and it is not okay! Then she meets Shiro, a yokai and enemy of the kami, who is tied to her since she saved his life. How will Shiro change Emi's future?

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Book Traveling Thursday: Genre I Don’t Read but Love

This week’s topic is to choose a book that is from a genre that you don't read that often but loved anyway. While I don't mind a mystery plot in a story I'm not really a fan of straight up mysteries. I definitely dislike serial killer murderers so it has to be really good for me to pick those up. I do have a series I love...

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Top 5 Wednesday: Books as Event Themes

This week’s topic is Books as Event Themes. It's party season, whether that is high school prom, weddings, or summer holiday events. What books would make a good party/event theme?? I loved this idea... and really wanted to pick some unusual books for this one but I also had a couple that were obvious choices! I didn't assign them to any particular type of party... who needs a reason to have a party anyway!?

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Review of Fall in One Day by Craig Terlson

The time is 1973 and Nixon is in the middle of the scandal of his life, Watergate, just south of the border in the good old USA. A drug called LDS has become big with the younger segment of the population. 15 years old, Joe Beck has just lost his best friend, Brian, who was taken out of class and never seen from. He learns Brian is now on the run with his dad after his mom ended up in the hospital. Using a tape recorder and struggling with the lies adults tell he goes on the hunt to figure out what is going on with his friend and his dad.

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Blog Tour: Remember Me Forever Review

Enter the giveaway after you read the review... Isis Blake in the third book of the Lovely Vicious series is off to college. Jack Hunter has blown town and his goodbye...a plane ticket! Isis bravely leaves for Ohio State University and determines to be happy even if she has to lie to convince herself. When Nameless, her darkest secret shows up she is shaken to the core, only more so by the fact Jack Hunter appears right behind him. Can she keep it together and save her college life?

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Hype or Like: Top 5 TBR Fantasy Worlds

This week’s topic is Dreaming I Was There Now... Which fantasy worlds are your favorite and do you catch yourself wishing you were there? This is a list that could potentially have hundreds of favorite worlds and the book need not even be a 5 star for it to have a fantabulous world! To limit the list I decided to pick series I dream about reading but haven't gotten around to yet!

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Review of Subversion (One Bright Future, #2)

Enter the Giveaway while you are here... "I surrender my days, my efforts, myself to the OneEarth Bank . . ." So recites the kids enslaved for the crime of rebellion against the contract system. Rielle puts herself into the situation again after she learns Nathan, the boy she abandoned has been sold to a logging camp where contracts go to die in droves. Again she sticks her nose in where it isn't wanted an reveals a major secret about the pandemic sweeping the globe... will she be able to get out a second time?

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Book Traveling Thursday: Favorite Contemporary

This week’s topic is to choose a book that is your favorite contemporary read. Actually another book by Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl, is my absolute favorite contemporary book but the same cover was used for every edition. So this category had to go to my runner up...

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Review of Enslavement (One Bright Future #1)

"One world. One currency. One bright future." Rielle is quite bitter due to her parent's rejection of the commerce chip that leads her to becoming a slave. Sold to a wealthy banker for the crimes of her parents she must work off an imaginary debt. When she meets two boys one a slave and the other a chipped master she must decide which side she's going to choose: rebellion or stay a good little girl?