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#47…Book Community Review Roundup // Something Different for Sunday Afternoon

So yeah all I did ALL week was read reviews... And there were SOOOO many that won me over and made me want to drop what I was reading and pick up that book... Others warned me away... No, no, no not for me... So I did a little review roundup. I LOVE the idea and am testing it out this week so let me know if you enjoyed!!

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#46… What I don’t get to dictate your tastes?! Relieving Blogger Stress! (Is that even possible?!) + Book Signings!

Sorry, no you don’t get to dictate taste… ; 101 Guide to Preparing and Attending a Book Signing! ; How to Get Rid of your Blogging Stress (from the non-expert) ; 17 Exceptional Books to Understand WHY we should ALL be Feminists! ; Let's Discuss *Every* Duology I've Read ; The BookBum Club: February Theme Reviews

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#45… 5 Stars! Twitter! Spoiler-Free! Rape! Backlist Blast! + Is the book community TOO influential?

What Makes A Good Book : How I rate my 5 stars book ; How Do Reviews Influence Our Own Opinions and is it a Good Thing? ; A Book Blogger’s Guide to Twitter ; Is Spoiler-Free Pressure Ruining In-Depth Discussions About Books? ; Let's Talk About Abuse and Rape in YA Fantasy ; Backlist Blast (Weekly Book Meme)

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#39… Does Goodreads REALLY Know What Books We’ll Like? Context Matters.

Book Blogger Etiquette: How To Get Comments?; Context Matters: Criticizing the Classics; 2018 releases to feed your TBR (so it doesn’t eat you right now); Does Goodreads Know What Books I Will Like?; My 1st Time Sharing My Cringe-y Old Writing; Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books #guestpost

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Discussion // 4 Frustrating Wants I Need from the WordPress platform I Love

I LOVE WordPress. It is a pretty nifty platform. While there aren't tons of free themes I have been able to work with what they have to great success. And best of all their themes are pretty, professional and polished! We only lack a few things that would help us, help you, be the BEST blogging platform out there.