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I’m so excited that you are here on my blog! I hope you return often to share your thoughts with me about different books and your own experiences as a reader and blogger… If you are new to my site this is a great page to be on. Here I explain my review and rating system.

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My reviews are divided into a short review of my first impressions and a longer section of thoughts about the book. (Under the double line divider!) The short review is TOTALLY FREE of anything that could be thought of as a spoiler! You can see the section I’m talking about because it’s marked by a speech bubble of its own at the beginning of the paragraph.

Cover Design rating graphic A+After my short review I talk about the cover and title. First impressions matter! As a reader I find that I am drawn to prettier covers, but as a graphic designer I find that the best books have a cover that also speaks about story! I grade the covers with an A+ through F rating as sometimes ugly ducklings will totally surprise me and you can’t penalize a book due to an homely appearance!

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If you are excited to talk to another bookworm about the book, then my longer section is where you want to get ALL my thoughts! This may have light spoilers or touch on ideas that you may or may not care about knowing before you read the book (everyone is different and I want to respect that…)

On goodreads where I cross post ALL my reviews they use the star system, here on Perspective of a Writer for my overall rating you will find hearts! This is your classic bookworm rating, that expresses all my love for my reading experience.

Overall rating graphic BlueRating Heart Striped Red PinkRating Heart Green GrungeRating Heart Orange EmptyRating Heart Pink Purple

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Writing stars rating graphic

⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity
⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style
⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plot & Pacing
⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ World Building

I save my stars exclusively to rate different aspects of a book’s writing! This is where my special perspective as a writer REALLY comes into play. I rate the four building blocks of novel writing and talk about one aspect from the book I’m reviewing!

Feel free to skip around my reviews and read whichever parts interest you! I love to hear your perspective as fellow bookworms so ALL comments are welcome and WILL BE replied to in the order they appear.

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Overall rating graphic Blue

So what do my heart ratings mean in the larger scheme of things?!

Please note I DO NOT do half stars on my blog, at this time. I will round up or down depending on overall feelings about the book. (Also I love to jumble the stars, the colors don’t mean anything… I just love color!)

Rating Heart Striped Red PinkRating Heart Green GrungeRating Heart Orange EmptyRating Heart Pink PurpleRating Heart Blue

5 hearts mean I was TOTALLY immersed in the story and willingly followed the characters where ever they took me! These are the books that I will shout loudly about to any and all takers…

That doesn’t mean they were totally perfect… My writer mind may have picked up on some small details but my pleasure level wasn’t effected!

Rating Heart Striped Red PinkRating Heart Green GrungeRating Heart Orange EmptyRating Heart Pink Purple

4 hearts mean I really, really ENJOYED the story. I quite liked the characters and had fun as I went along with whatever they were doing! These are the books that will appear on my lists with few qualifications…

The book wasn’t perfect and actually I became somewhat irritated by an aspect of the story. This MAY NOT effect your own enjoyment of the book! IT DOES give me something to analyze as a writer (so see my typewriter section…)

Rating Heart Striped Red PinkRating Heart Green GrungeRating Heart Orange Empty

3 hearts mean I was CONFLICTED by some aspect of the story. This could be anything from the characters, missing the premise, the plot or authenticity issues. It could simply be a matter of taste.

These are the HARDEST reviews to write. Flaws make me warn other bookworms in my review but I’m NOT suggesting you not give the book a read! Simply beware that there are issues and don’t go in too hyped.

Rating Heart Striped Red PinkRating Heart Green Grunge

2 hearts mean I don’t recommend the book. I DIDN’T HATE the story but I had so many problems across a range of subjects that without rewrites I can’t in all honesty suggest others read it.

I probably see potential in the story or subject matter and am quite saddened as a writer because it didn’t even come close to working for me.

Rating Heart Striped Red Pink

1 heart means I disliked the book with a range from boiling mad to disgusted dismissal! I find it practically unreadable…

These reviews will be RANTS and I will share STRONG opinions. This doesn’t mean I dismiss your thoughts if you quite enjoyed the book… Only my own emotions got quite HOT.

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Cover Love bubble

Cover Design Grades?! What are those…?

Covers are so subjective that I didn’t want them to effect my overall rating, so I came up with grades… These reflect my thoughts as a graphic designer who appreciates art of all kinds!

Cover Design rating graphic A+   Cover Design rating graphic A-

A+/A- cover design is quite evident! You are totally sucked into picking up the book and you ARE NOT disappointed once you read the blurb.

Cover Design rating graphic B+   Cover Design rating graphic B-

B+/B- cover design is more subjective… You may react more or less favorably that I do. There is something off about the cover, but it is quite serviceable.

Cover Design rating graphic C+   Cover Design rating graphic C-

C+/C- cover design is quite generic. You aren’t really sure what the book is about from looking at the cover… Or WORSE it is quite deceiving. Since the job of a cover is to seduce it does DO its job, but at the expense of your goodwill.

Cover Design rating graphic D   Cover Design rating graphic F

D/F cover design is just plain awful! I HATE ugly covers… especially nowadays when typographic covers are quite reasonably priced and can do the job quite well. I am actually TURNED OFF by these covers and read the book IN SPITE of the cover.

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My Bookish Pledge banner for Ratings Page

I want to end with a pledge, a bookish pledge, that everything in my reviews will be honest and arise directly from my personal experience reading the book in question. I assure you that I NEVER personally attack an author and all of my discussion about their writing is purely for the benefit and learning of myself (as a writer) and those who read my reviews.

At times I will be diplomatic and take into account tastes that differ from my own, when it warrants I will rant (or rave) my heart out with ALL CAPS and slgfoaklcfbelub exclamations!! Either way it will be MY TRUTH and NOTHING BUT my truth.

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