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Fangirl Filmography: Song Joong-ki

AWWWWWW, I’m so, so excited!! Yes, he is a married man now... he and Song Hye-kyo tied the knot in 2017... BUT that doesn't change that I'm a total fangirl for his acting and how he portrays his roles! He also goes by Song Jung-ki and became the face of over 30 brands in 2016 alone, so yeah he's everywhere and for good reason…

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Top 5 YA Contemporary // Jan-Mar 2018

This is an oddly specific title, huh?! Well looking at my goodreads lists I've read exactly 5 YA contemporary stories that I ADORED so far this year! I define contemporary as being non-magical in nature so no paranormal elements and set in modern times...

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#47…Book Community Review Roundup // Something Different for Sunday Afternoon

So yeah all I did ALL week was read reviews... And there were SOOOO many that won me over and made me want to drop what I was reading and pick up that book... Others warned me away... No, no, no not for me... So I did a little review roundup. I LOVE the idea and am testing it out this week so let me know if you enjoyed!!

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#46… What I don’t get to dictate your tastes?! Relieving Blogger Stress! (Is that even possible?!) + Book Signings!

Sorry, no you don’t get to dictate taste… ; 101 Guide to Preparing and Attending a Book Signing! ; How to Get Rid of your Blogging Stress (from the non-expert) ; 17 Exceptional Books to Understand WHY we should ALL be Feminists! ; Let's Discuss *Every* Duology I've Read ; The BookBum Club: February Theme Reviews

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#45… 5 Stars! Twitter! Spoiler-Free! Rape! Backlist Blast! + Is the book community TOO influential?

What Makes A Good Book : How I rate my 5 stars book ; How Do Reviews Influence Our Own Opinions and is it a Good Thing? ; A Book Blogger’s Guide to Twitter ; Is Spoiler-Free Pressure Ruining In-Depth Discussions About Books? ; Let's Talk About Abuse and Rape in YA Fantasy ; Backlist Blast (Weekly Book Meme)

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Top 5 Adult Urban Fantasy Books // Courtesy of my Writing Partner

This week’s topic is favorite urban fantasy books. I recently did a fantasy list where i chose some of my favorite urban fantasy... I'm not as wide read in UF as my writing partner so she graciously agreed to share her top 5!! I've only read the first couple books of two of the series... And I have two of her absolute favorites on my moody reading list this year! Without further fanfare I turn over my blog to my writing partner... let's check out her choices...

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Fangirl Filmography: Lee Joon-gi

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I’m super excited!! He also goes by Lee Jun-ki and you may recognize him from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as the evil commander in the head assault vehicle in the beginning of the movie. He's also fabulously popular all across Asia and for good reason...

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Top 10 OTPs to Fall in Love with Manga

Today I’m going to share my top 10 Manga OTPs! (One true pairing for those who So these won't necessarily be my favorite manga of ALL time but they are all quite good. I really LOVE and ADORE the couples in these manga and ANY romance lover will find them great gateway series to fall in love with manga!!