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Fantasy 2018 Releases // From the POV of a Graphic Designer

The delightful blogger Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger first thought of this idea in October and I asked her if I could do my own rendition of her First Impressions of Books and she said yes!! So THANK YOU JESSICA. this was TOO much fun!

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Combating the Post-Fantasy Reading Blues

Fantasy series are lush and rich with details, characters and sprawling landscapes... once you get to the end of 500 pages of lusciousness you are worn out due to all the FEEELLLSSS and exciting action! The last thing you want to do is read another one... you need a palate cleanser (as I like to call them) to give yourself a change of pace before you head back in...

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Fantasy Culture Wishlist

I'm not the only American in love with culture as it is the basis of the world building in many, many stories, especially fantasy ones! Here is my short wishlist of culture based magic and world-building that I would love to see more of in young adult fiction and fantasy in general...