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Storm Flying, A Curious Griffin and an Air Ship = Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

Stormdancer review The Lotus Wars #1 by Jay Kristoff

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Awwww dogs, cats, birds + a rabbit and an iguana… // Some Pets review

In this companion to Some Bugs, we head to a pet show to see whose pet won the blue ribbon! And we get to meet all sorts of pets, some that sit, some that stay, some that fetch and even some that play... What kind of pet is right for you?

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The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 6-10 // A Review

On her 16th birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits the ancestral estate she’s never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But on the day she moves in, she finds three handsome squatters already living in the house, and one seems to have already taken over her role!

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Contribute to a Gorgeous Message // A review of Hello Hello by Brendan Wenzel

Starting with one white and one black cat thus starts a chain of Hellos that showcase the diversity of the world, but also what brings us together in one great chain. A celebration of similarities and opposites sure to delight reader young and old.

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A Short Occult Series with Characters to Remember! // Ghost Diary vol. 1-3 review

Sukami is the heir to a family of exorcists, and he is very close to his sister, the strongest of them, whom is writing a book about how to defeat these different ghosts, monsters and spirits. The evening after his sister and he defeats the nameless god from an abandoned shrine she goes missing. 6 years later a reaper comes claiming to be his sister's friend! Who is she? And will completing the Ghost Diary really reveal his sister to him?

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Orange: The Complete Collection vol. 1-2 // A Manga Review… Problematic?! Maybe!?

On the first day of 11th grade Naho receives a letter from 10 years in the future! She has regrets about a new transfer student, Kakeru, who will soon join her class. As the letter's predictions come true one by one, she realizes in it lies the only way she can save Kakeru from a terrible future.

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Pierce Brown’s Red Rising: Sons of Ares // A Graphic Novel Review

A graphic novel spin off of Pierce Brown's Red Rising series... It tells the tale of a forbidden love between members of opposing castes that lead to the formation of the Sons of Ares. In the future, the hierarchy of man is dictated by the color of one's caste. "The Golds rule all, but what will happen when one falls for a lowly Red?"

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Tokyo Ghoul: re Vol. 2-3 // A Review

In the sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul, Haise Sasaki has been tasked with teaching his special squad of half-ghouls how to be outstanding Investigators, but this is complicated by the troublesome personalities of his subordinates and his own uncertain grasp of his Ghoul powers. Will he and the members of his squad become heroes or monsters, taken out by the other squads in the Commission of Counter Ghoul…?!