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Anubis + Seth + Medjay = Egyptian WOW! // Book of Souls Review, Blog Tour & Giveaway

Book of Souls review Gods of Egypt, #1 by Nadine Nightingale

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Blog Tour // The Dressmaker’s Secret // Character Interview // Giveaway

Hi all! Today I'm going to introduce a lovely set of historical books written by a young author (all you blogger writers - this is for you!) I love to occasionally read about young protagonists like precocious 8-year-old Alice. I'll have a review in the future but I wanted to tell you a little about one of the characters from this world...

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The Hatching of Abylar in The Dragon Orb // Blog Tour & Giveaway

Today is my turn to weigh in on the work of indie author Mike Shelton... if you or someone you know enjoys dungeon and dragon adventures then you've got to read this...

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Guest Post by Mallory McCartney Author of Black Dawn

Today is my turn to share with you, Black Dawn!! I’m so excited the author wrote a guest post… if you’d like to read what other bloggers think, click the banner below to find the blog tour details… What made you explore multiple point of views in your debut novel? Why did you choose to… Continue reading Guest Post by Mallory McCartney Author of Black Dawn

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Chatty Isis in Remember Me Forever // Blog Tour & Giveaway

Enter the giveaway after you read the review... Isis Blake in the third book of the Lovely Vicious series is off to college. Jack Hunter has blown town and his goodbye...a plane ticket! Isis bravely leaves for Ohio State University and determines to be happy even if she has to lie to convince herself. When Nameless, her darkest secret shows up she is shaken to the core, only more so by the fact Jack Hunter appears right behind him. Can she keep it together and save her college life?

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The Slave Contract Rescue in Subversion // One Bright Future #2 // Blog Tour

Enter the Giveaway while you are here... "I surrender my days, my efforts, myself to the OneEarth Bank . . ." So recites the kids enslaved for the crime of rebellion against the contract system. Rielle puts herself into the situation again after she learns Nathan, the boy she abandoned has been sold to a logging camp where contracts go to die in droves. Again she sticks her nose in where it isn't wanted an reveals a major secret about the pandemic sweeping the globe... will she be able to get out a second time?