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My Experience with Ironclads // A special limited edition novella

Ironclads review by Adrian Tchaikovsky Do you read novellas?! Well if you're a fan of military sci-fi then you'll want this one!

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The Slave Contract Rescue in Subversion // One Bright Future #2 // Blog Tour

Enter the Giveaway while you are here... "I surrender my days, my efforts, myself to the OneEarth Bank . . ." So recites the kids enslaved for the crime of rebellion against the contract system. Rielle puts herself into the situation again after she learns Nathan, the boy she abandoned has been sold to a logging camp where contracts go to die in droves. Again she sticks her nose in where it isn't wanted an reveals a major secret about the pandemic sweeping the globe... will she be able to get out a second time?

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Review of Enslavement (One Bright Future #1)

"One world. One currency. One bright future." Rielle is quite bitter due to her parent's rejection of the commerce chip that leads her to becoming a slave. Sold to a wealthy banker for the crimes of her parents she must work off an imaginary debt. When she meets two boys one a slave and the other a chipped master she must decide which side she's going to choose: rebellion or stay a good little girl?

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Daughter of Ash… a Pyrokinetic Nightmare!

Kate is a killing machine though not as perfect as her creators intended... always switched on she burns everything she touches... clothes, food, furnishings, people. Escaping at the age of seven, Kate manages to pass the time killing for the man who showed her kindness, El Tío. With holographic clothing Kate strides in and takes care of anyone in the way. When she learns there is a way to cure her she heads into the Badlands the only way she can...on her own two feet.

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Prophet of the Badlands… Post Apocalyptic Wow!

Althea is not like most 12 year olds... her eyes glow in the dark, she can read people's minds and influence them and she can heal the sick in a person whatever it may be. She is the prophet of the badlands and raiders trade, kill and steal her until she finds her way to a small village where she meets Den. He challenges her acceptance of being treated like a commodity... until she finds the courage to use her power to protect those she loves.

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The Good in Selected

Kara has been selected by an alien race who have come to earth, not to invade and take over or cause mass destruction (though they threaten it) but to take a small group of children aged 12-15 years old back to their planet. Each child must pass horrible physical changes as well as learn to work within a group for a common cause. At Kara's side is her childhood crush and neighbor Matt and their instructor and Kara's personal ally Jim, an assimilated teen from another planet pilfered like earth. Will Kara make it to her new world alive?

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4-Star, The Outs

Ever since the Outs started - global memory-stealing blackouts - Caleb has been plagued by a voice that pushes him to do things... Now his parents have disappeared and his dependable, honor-student ways have been replaced with those of a deadheader junkie! Now he's kidnapped a little girl, Amanda, but isn't sure if he did it to protect himself or her... He turns to the one friend who has stood by him, Kitzi, a girl with aphasia, and a secret of her own - she is free of her brain damage during the Outs. Kitzi and Caleb go on a wild ride with special little Amanda and maneuver through the creepy, damaged world of the Outs.