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Mute + Deaf = Love // A Quiet Kind of Thunder review

A Quiet Kind of Thunder review by Sara Barnard

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Just A Normal Tuesday by Kim Turrisi

Teen Kai returns home on just a normal Tuesday to find a letter from her older sister, Jen. It says she's already gone but Kai rushes over to try to save her. Unable to deal with what she finds Kai spirals into hardcore drug and alcohol use which don't work well with the dark thoughts that start to invade her reality. Luckily her best friends have her back and report her descent to her parents who send her to a grief camp where she learns she is not alone in losing someone she loves. There she meets friends for life who help her to keep moving forward...

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NemeSIS by Susan Marshall

Nadine is sick of hiding in the library and uses AA's 12 step plan to make a plan of her own to take back her high school life. With the help of the school's librarian and the other girl hiding in the library, Anne, she is able to fulfill her plan each step at a time. Through her new experiences Nadine realizes there is a problem at home that has to be dealt with before she can leave behind her past as a door mat... Rachel, her volatile older sister who is struggling due to the unreliable men in her life.

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Bleed Through Crazy

Liam is a college student with schizophrenia who finally has his disease under control with the help of a psychologist who can get through to him. After witnessing a murder all his progress is in the can as he believes his meds have caused him to see events tied to the land. Due to a new girl, Mai, who he likes very much he tries to determine what is real and what is hallucinations as his actions put his family in increasing danger... will he be able to separate fact from fiction in time to save them?