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The Cyborg Mechanic Retells Cinderella with A Lunar Queen

Cinder The Lunar Chronicles #1 by Marissa Meyer

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The Hatching of Abylar in The Dragon Orb // Blog Tour & Giveaway

Today is my turn to weigh in on the work of indie author Mike Shelton... if you or someone you know enjoys dungeon and dragon adventures then you've got to read this...

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Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron

Khya is a clan warrior whose home is an isolated desert island. She's closest to her brother, Yorri and is constantly pestered by her rival, Tessen. As a rare fykina who can make wards to protect from magic and physical dangers she is important to her team and her ambition in life is to become a leader of her clan. When her brother's body mysteriously disappears she goes on a quest to learn what really happened even if it means betraying her clan and everything she's ever known.

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SeQuence: The Heart of the Ocean, Book 1

Alessia hears voices, lots and lots of voices, so many that it's crippling. Water has the ability to dampen the voices but it looks mighty crazy to have sacks of water tied around your head. So its no surprise she's committed to an asylum. On an island far from home Alessia is able to flee her doctor and her padded cell and escape into the ocean. Only to wake up in Zeneshia, the home of her long-lost grandmother and Dante, the man she's totally drawn to. As she delves into the history of Zeneshia she learns she is a part of what is going on and she's the one with the power to stop it.

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Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Britta is the illegitimate daughter of the king’s bounty hunter. Cohen is the king’s bounty hunter’s apprentice. The two grew up together training under her father and share a special bond until he abandons her. When her father is murdered her life implodes and she’s forced to race around the neighboring kingdom to find his murderer. When she uncovers a plot against the king of Malam will she be too late to finish her father’s work?

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Rise of the Flame…Burns

Realms, races and powers, oh my. A human girl, an elf prince and a hunky emperor with a monstrous army behind him. These three have been prophesied about along with four others whose destiny lies in the fight of their lives slinging around the power of the Gods. Will Lilae fall for the cursed emperor or will she hold out for the elf prince?

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A Mortal Song Struggle

Sora is a human changeling, not a kami princess, who learns the truth when a ghost army invades Mt. Fuji and takes her fake kami parents captive. Along with her bodyguard and childhood friend, Takeo, she must help the real princess come into her powers and fight with no time to prepare. Along the way she makes new friends and learns what it means to be a human.

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Gilded Cage POVs

A family decides to get their slave days over with now while they can do them together. Smart daughter Abi gets them a plush assignment at one of the Equal estates, where aristocrats with magical gifts live in luxury. Things go awry when Luke her younger brother is sent to a brutal factory town where he joins with revolutionaries. Abi will have to choose between finishing out her 10 years or saving the brother she wasn't able to protect...

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Immortal Writers Premise

Liz, a 19 year old author is coming home from her book tour. With her fantasy series almost complete her life is falling into place nicely. Then she's kidnapped, but not for ill purposes, it's William Shakespeare and he wants her to join his Immortal Writers group. Her words brought her eternal life but they also made real her power hungry villain, dragons, and her sexy hero Curtis. All that's left to secure her place is to survive the final battle with the darkest part of herself...