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Steampunk + Alternate History + Scotland = Unusual Fae World // A Review

The Falconer review The Falconer series #1 by Elizabeth May

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The Book of Pearl review by Timothée de Fombelle Translated by Sarah Ardizzone and Sam Gordon

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5-Star Mad Miss Mimic

Leo is the proper young lady of an affluent 1870s family who lives with her married sister, Christabel. She's also Mad Miss Mimic who when stressed randomly mimics another people's voice flawlessly. It's embarrassing and liberating... especially when she draws the eye of popular Mr Thornfax, the son of a lord who is fabulously wealthy and her brother-in-law's business partner. When the Black Glove start terrorizing the city Leo and Mad Miss Mimic come upon Tom, who seems to know more than he's saying... Will she reveal the mastermind, and who will capture her heart?