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Top 10 Tuesday: Book Recommends for Asian Diversity Lovers

I am always going on about how I love Asian diversity... and publishers have listened! I have a ton of Asian books TBR but for every trend there are forerunners... These are my top 10...

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Combating the Post-Fantasy Reading Blues

Fantasy series are lush and rich with details, characters and sprawling landscapes... once you get to the end of 500 pages of lusciousness you are worn out due to all the FEEELLLSSS and exciting action! The last thing you want to do is read another one... you need a palate cleanser (as I like to call them) to give yourself a change of pace before you head back in...

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Boo’s Picture Gallery: A Pattern For Pepper

Pepper has a special occasion coming up and her mother takes her to the tailor for the perfect dress... As Pepper is shown a pattern and it's origins explained she has a reason why it won't work: "Dotted Swiss? Too plain. Houndstooth? Not enough color. Pinstripe? Too glum." Will he be able to find the right fabric for her first dress?

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Boo’s Picture Gallery: Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner

"It's a special occasion! It's time for a treat. Time to dress up and go out to eat." But please, do not take your dragon to dinner. Why? Because his manners are atrocious. A diverse group of children all learn the embarrassing reasons not to take their dragons to dinner.