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A Writer, Blogger, Reader Journal is my version of the discussion post and it comes around once a month. It’s a place where I can chat about anything that has been lingering on my mind… the sky is the limit but I tend to focus on my passions: reading, blogging and writing. It’s a fun way for me to get YOUR perspective too!

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This Week's Appreciation Featured Black

This Week’s Appreciation is a weekly meme I host on Saturday Sunday morning to share blogger news and love. For each post I share a number of posts from other bloggers that I LOVED from the previous week! It’s a fun way to showcase blogs I follow and share their posts! Come find new blogs…

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Lighting a Writer’s Toolkit is a feature where I share thoughts that would be beneficial for writers of reviews or books, all connected to EDITING! My strength as a writer is my ability to edit… this is where I share my editing thoughts in brief lessons that shine a light on the writing process.

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Cover Love is a monthly meme where I pick covers to talk about in some form or another… many of them inspired by the goodreads group Book Traveling Thursday with the original cover, my country’s cover, my favorite cover, and my least favorite cover. Always from my perspective as a graphic designer!!

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Fantasy Fangirling Featured

Fantasy Fangirling is a monthly feature where I fangirl over one of my favorite genres… FANTASY! I love at least a hint of the fantastical to run through every book I read… this is where I share all my thoughts… Are you a fantasy fan…?

These can be a Tough Travels meme post (hosted by Laura @ Fantasy Faction. Inspired by The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones) spotlighting a different fantasy trope. A cross between a list and a chat!

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Tea Party Gossip with Mad Hatter Featured

Tea Party Gossip is where I talk spoilers after reviewing a book. These thoughts can be about things I love or am confused about or curious… or even a mix of all three! It can be about characters, themes, plot points, villains, how I related to the characters, writing techniques, the sky is the limit!

These posts are for the book community so we can share how we feel and what we think about different aspects of the most hyped books! I want to discuss in depth and get other readers opinions too! Discuss your favorite book…

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Keep or Skip Banner Key and Axe Featured

Keep it or Skip it is a feature where I regularly hit up my TBR shelf and pick off 10 books that have been there the longest. I examine the pros and cons to “key”ping them or skipping (axing) them.

My first aim is to cut my TBR shelf down by a third. My second aim is to sort those I keep into three piles: read soon, “keep” or someday. Did I make the right choice?

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Watercolor Dots A Month in Summary LogoA Month in Summary are my monthly wrap up posts. I share a bit about what is going on with me, but otherwise the post is all about what you missed! Want to check out the books I’ve been reading? Looking for a specific post from a month in particular? This is where you can find it ALL!