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Thank you for considering me to review your book! I appreciate you taking a look at my policy before sending me your request. There are a few things about your book we should talk about before you proceed…

  1. Is your book aimed at adults or young adults (to include middle grade or children’s chapter and picture books)? If it is an adult book I will more than likely decline but if you pass the rest of this checklist you can still apply!

  2. Did you take a look at my “Reviews by Genre” page? Does your book fit nicely in one of those sub-genres?

  3. Did you click into a review or two from your genre and get a sense of how I write my reviews and how often I read that genre?

  4. If your book is a thriller, erotica or horror I won’t be accepting your review request. These genres are deal breakers. Also I don’t accept self-published books at this time.

  5. Books in e-book (preferably MOBI) or printed book form are accepted.

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As for my responsibilities as a reviewer…

  1. If I accept your book for review I will attempt to read your book. I do try to only accept books if I am truly interested in reading them, BUT if I can’t get into it I will let you know as soon as possible. (This is rare but it happens!)

  2. If I read your book I will feature it in a post on my blog, add a review on goodreads and Amazon as well as tweet, Google+ and facebook about it at least once. It will also be included on my Month in Summary post. If you provide an ARC then I will bookstagram it and feature it in a separate post about ARCs.

  3. The thoughts and ideas in each review will be my own and exclusively my own derived from reading the book all the way through. I will include ideas that I thought about as a writer at the bottom of my review in my blog post. These take many shapes and forms (feel free to read some of my reviews to get an idea.) I will never personally attack an author, BUT I will be TOTALLY honest about how the book made me feel.

  4. Know that I plan my reading schedule several months in advance. No timeline is certain but I will do my best to be timely according to your needs and my time constraints and other obligations.

  5. I DO NOT accept monetary compensation for ANY books that I have reviewed or will review or feature on this blog.

Still want me to review your book? Be a part of a blog tour? I am currently accepting review submissions. Send me a note and I’ll get back to you soon!



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