My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Reading for the Game Player

As the older sister to three brothers I’ve watched them for hours play countless video games and actually have even loaded up a character or two. So when I saw the humorous premise of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! vol 1 I knew I had to check it out just for old times sake.

Did My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! satisfy this Fangirl’s nostalgia?

While I know about games it’s more as a novice than a gamer. And I didn’t know what an otome was, turns out it’s a romance focus (who knew?!) A teen girl wakes up in her otome video game… as the villainess rich and spoiled daughter of a duke. Only, since she’s already beaten this game, she knows how it ends and it’s not good for her. With a premise like this I was absolutely taking a gamble reading this… but it was so fun and unexpected and just what I needed in the middle of a reading slump.

You can’t help rooting for Catarina.

Catarina has this dastardly look about her. I think it’s her eyes… in any case she’s really this sweet girl who woke up in this little girl’s body. When she realizes her situation she determines to do something about it…. ASAP.

And she’s surrounded by love hungry men… and women.

If you thought this would be about love triangles galore… then you’d have made the same mistake I did. I don’t really see a love interest for Catarina as yet. She’s more concerned about friendship. And uses her knowledge of the characters to get close to them… then whammies them with her genuine affection. It’s quite intoxicating and is really funny.

It’s delightfully twisted even as it laughs at the romance genre.

As we meet the different love targets and her rivals for each one I noticed different types of love interests being drafted into the story. It’s quite obvious that the mangaka isn’t a romance fan… seeing the game of love more like a pit of vipers out to use their venom. It’s perfect for game players who already see life as a game to be won.

The real villain is the sadistic prince who gets engaged with her.

We only get a glimpse of the prince who starts all of Catarina’s problems but with his power he has the potential of making her struggle worse. He’s just one example of romantic tropes being turned on their head and making us laugh while doing it.

I’m excited for how smart and kind Catarina is turning out to be.

The villainess in any story tends to be outsmarted by how moral the heroine is toward their peers. Catarina is smart, genuine and truly kind… she just looks villainess. I love that she works out how best to approach her next target and her nature is what makes her succeed. Now that she’s grown, I look forward to who she wins over at school and if she can avoid her fate!

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! vol 1 was unexpectedly fun and outrageous. I adored Catarina and how sweet she was and how earnestly she fought against her unfortunate situation. If you need humor in your life you need this villainess looking girl.



  1. This sounds like a fun manga, and I can sed how it pulled you out of your reading slump. Caterina is a character that I would like and be rooting for too. Poor thing, being turned in to a villainess when she is truly kind, and knows how her story will end. I hope she’s able to change it!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    • I am reading a ton of manga right now so I’ll only continue if I find a copy. I tend to pick up what the library has and I also get newsletters from Viz Media and Seven Seas, two big manga distributors in America. It’s hard for me to drop series if I get past volume 4 but I may have to do it for 2020.

      • This is one of the many reasons I like to only read finished series. Such as Ouran High School or Fushigi Yuugi. XD I will be reading Sailor Moon later this year. I LOVED the Viz version as a child, but now I realize how much the translation cut out. I want to understand what the story truly is.

      • Yeah it’s certainly a risk or me to read just the first volume of a new series. I can’t satisfy any cravings that I might have to read more right away. But I love the adventure of trying new things. Many times I already know where a story is going. The author doesn’t naturally add in fresh moments so I rarely feel a hankering to read ASAP.

        I’ve never been interested in Sailor Moon. I don’t really understand the appeal. 🙈 what’s this about translation differences?! 😮

      • As a child of the 80’s, Sailor Moon was the girl-power anime I needed. School girls who kick butt AND have a diverse friendship? Yes please! Plus, I’m a sucker for a good romance line.

        Ah, I should have specified in the anime version, not the manga. When Sailor Moon came to America in the 90’s, Viz heavily edited the TV series. For example, Sailor Uranus and Neptune are lesbian lovers, but Viz changed them to cousins. Or Usagi got drunk a few times, but they cut that. Basically anything to do with transgender people was cut (which is a LOT from both villians and the Sailor Moon Stars). And other typically American stuff, like removing violence and nudity on what they thought of as a children’s show.

        Viz has since redubbed the series and is staying true to the original.

      • I actually really like exploring those animes. I was disappointed with InuYasha ended and they said, “Hey! The series is done with only one sliver of the shard left to find because the manga isn’t done and, honestly, we’re tired of waiting.” But I really loved how Ouran High School just came up with a completely different ending. I liked the anime ending better than the manga ending!

      • Yeah I saw Host Club’s anime and liked that ending, I’m not surprised that anime and manga differ because they always seem to option them at the height of popularity. I do think it’s fascinating how some who don’t like manga will watch anime! I know you aren’t like that but your comment rem8bded me of that fact.

      • I have watched a lot of anime I haven’t read the manga for. Sometimes, manga can be difficult for me to follow. I DNF’d Naruto for that reason. I couldn’t figure out what was happening in the fight scenes! But, I’ve heard the anime is wonderul.

        I’ve seen quite a few anime series which I haven’t read the manga for. In my case, it’s accessibility. When I was younger it was easy to get access to anime and not so much to manga. Now, as an adult , it’s the opposite! How odd.

      • Yeah I’d probably watch more anime if I knew where to stream it from. My brother used to buy it and we’d watch together but not anymore. So I’ve seen many seasons of Naruto if not all of them. I do struggle with battle manga. I hate not being able to understand what is happening.

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