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Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To: The Geniuses’ War of Love and Brains, Vol. 1

This mixes tropes in the best of ways… Do you LOVE friends to lovers? Do you enjoy enemies to lovers?! Well what about a kind of mixed up version with a little of both!!? This will surprise you with how witty and fun it is…

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Genre Comedy, Romance, School, Psychological, Seinen


Kaguya is the vice president of their prestigious academy’s student council and she’s in love with, Miyuki, the president, and he with her! BUT both are well aware that in love there is always a winner… and neither wants to be the “loser!” As both are geniuses and quite proud they spend each day laying in wait for an opportunity to get the other to confess without losing face… only Chika, their secretary seems ready to innocently mess up their careful machinations.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Series
by Aya Shouoto

Published (vol.1) March 6th 2018
by VIZ Media LLC

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Art graphic for mangaThis is not your typical manga art… First the backgrounds are simple and almost understated… And the 2 MC designs aren’t buxom/buff and rainbow haired! They are short and petite and long and lean and both dark haired (see the note from the mangka about Miyuki’s hair)!! Particular attention was paid to their facial expressions… I LOVE art when characters are freaking out, trying to be sly and are smug as hell… So yeah I enjoyed the art a lot. It’s not perfect art (and I will have to check out a printed version to double check this, because it very well could be) but I felt it ADDED to the story. Which is totally the job of the art!!

Kaguya-sama Love Is War Vol 1 - Miyuki

Plot graphic for manga 2The plot is where I struggled a little. I LOVE The machinations between the two… I felt their battles were sharp, smart and sly! But not much happened for 10 chapters. There was this battle a chapter formula that I know works well for their original print format but which gets tiring in a collected volume. I’m not worried though! I feel like these chapter established the characters very well. And since this is the first volume I’m good with that… hopefully as the series gained popularity this format was broken up!! (I look forward to reading more!)

Kaguya-sama Love Is War Vol 1 - Kaguya

Authenticity graphic for mangaSo the characters… were so cute!! THEY ARE TOO SMART FOR THEIR OWN GOOD… I love the way they made me chuckle and giggle through the volume. And I’m including Chika in this… she is the perfect foil for these two and I LOVE that she is best buds with rich and snooty Kaguya. I love how sheltered Kaguya is that she doesn’t know how a movie theater works! And he being the common one knows all about pop culture and that backfired with her… I loved how insecure they both could be… and now these two are totally my babies!

Kaguya-sama Love Is War Vol 1 - Chika

Tension graphic for manga 2As each chapter progressed I got more and more sucked in with these two… I admit that Chika adds a much needed spontaneity to their machinations… I hope other characters can join them and do the same, keep things unexpected. The end was a little soft… a cliff hanger would be better, but this is a fun series! I’ve totally bought into the battle for their hearts and I’m totally shipping these two, may their war take many volumes…

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GAH! As a writer I love when tropes are turned on their head… and the lover tropes can be a little simplistic… By combining TWO of my favorite ones, friends to lovers and enemies to lovers, this pair becomes like dynamite!

The thing is that Kaguya and Miyuki aren’t quite friends and aren’t quite enemies. They are classmates that spend a lot of time administering their school… this makes them sort of friends. They know each other quite well and admire each other’s intellect. They are also rivals who are aware that if they admit they like the other first they will be in a weaker bargaining position… which is what makes them sort of enemies. This highlights the best aspect of the story…

The characters, the characters!! They make you giggle and snort and just take plain delight in their little war… Honestly, you want to prolong their battles so you can see them get more and more extreme!! You may be split over the art… I suggest giving the first volume a try and pay particular attention to their faces… it adds an unexpected humor to the story that will win you over!!

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What are your favorite lover tropes?!

I love something a little different from the norm… so this is perfect for me!! A little friend and a little enemy to spice up Kaguya and Miyuki wooing of each other… I can’t wait to read the next volume! I hope you pick this series up…

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Thanks for Reading XOXO



Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. It has not influenced my opinions.



6 thoughts on “Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To: The Geniuses’ War of Love and Brains, Vol. 1”

  1. There’s something about the artwork that feels very… throwback’y hahah I’m glad to read that it was authentic and well-worth checking out for you though! I wonder if it’ll get creative in future volumes.

    1. That is my main thought too… will it get more creative?! I asked for the next volume but haven’t been approved yet so maybe I made that question too vocally… but I can’t say anything but what I thought! As for the art… you thought so too? I read another person who HATED the art, lol… I guess there were so style choices that I enjoyed… 😉

  2. I don’t read Manga but my daughter does and she would love this! Great review and it makes me want to start! =) I would start with the first like you said tho.

    1. Thanks for sharing! ❤ I admit my secret aim is to convert book readers to read manga as well! This is a great series if you enjoy contemporary type books. If you enjoy paranormal books then I would recommend starting with other series 😉

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