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Top 5 Roles Animals Play in Books

This week’s topic is a freebie! I just finished Stormdancer which has a griffon type character that I LOVED… I started to think about other books with animals that I loved too…

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Cuddly Pets

These are the really minor non-human characters that cuddle with the MC and really play almost no role in the plot! In contemporaries these are the puppies or kittens that a couple bond over… They are there because otherwise it would be make the MC a cold, hard bastard… (okay I may be exaggerating a little here, but yes your heart melts for a MC who loves animals or those approximating them!)

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The creature is sentient, old and wise… they hang out around the MC, but don’t allow cuddling. They are obscure and don’t answer questions straight out unless the MC is desperate and exhausted ALL other avenues. You find these more in fantasy or paranormal stories because how else is an animal able to communicate wise and essential knowledge! (There are some exceptions… like Lassie!)

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Sometimes with allies the creature started on the other side of the battle… or they aren’t always clearly on your side! That’s what makes these so cool. The MC actually won their loyalty and has earned the trust the animal now gives them!!

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Equal Partners

This is the sentient animal who can communicate as if they are human too! Both the human and the animal feel they are equal partners in the story and are willing to do whatever they need to in order to keep each other safe. They know they have a job to do whatever it may be but they’ll do it together!

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Sacrifices for Love

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This is one of the most heart breaking of roles… The partner, ally, pet sacrifices themselves for their companion! They don’t care that the MC is needed to win the war, take out the evil overlord or use their ultimate power… NO! I sob my eyes out as my heart breaks, because I know exactly why that beautiful, loving animal sacrificed themselves… for LOVE!

I won’t put an examples here and ruin twists in books, but I KNOW you’ve read times when animals have died and it wrenched your heart out…

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Do you enjoy animals in stories? Does the ultimate sacrifice turn you off a book?!

There are, of course, TONS more animals that all deserve a mention as great characters who loved and supported their MCs in various ways… What are your favorite?! List them in the comments so others can get recommendations (for me too!!)

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Roles Animals Play in Books”

  1. For reasons I’ve read not so many books with animals companion, so they’re a bit indifferent for me right now. Other reasons: sometimes I bore seeing pages and pages of the MC trying to bond with the animal, usually because in the end the pet doens’t have the same importance as the MC. Or at least doesn’t give me enough impression and so emotional bond 😦

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