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#45… 5 Stars! Twitter! Spoiler-Free! Rape! Backlist Blast! + Is the book community TOO influential?

Okay, okay I know I’m supposed to stick to 5 posts to feature… but I just couldn’t this week!! These 6 were just too, too compelling… I’m going to link up with Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post meme to spread the love…

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What Makes A Good Book : How I rate my 5 stars book

From Trang @ Bookidote. GAH! I so related to this post… This is why we should read wrap up posts… I missed this when she originally posted it and am so glad that it caught my eye!! YES! YES! YES! Shhh, twists!! YES! Check out her reasons, see if you relate too!!

How Do Reviews Influence Our Opinions and is it a Good Thing?

From Beth @ Reading Every Night. We have to have a way to week through books otherwise out TBR would be a mile long! So the book community is A LOT OF HELP! But is that influence too much? Do you remove or add because of the reviews you read? Come check out Beth’s thoughts…

A Book Blogger’s Guide to Twitter

From Kate @ Parchment Girl. Are you on twitter?! Do you share your posts and take part in the community… Well I do! I won’t claim to be an expert by any means but I’m on twitter an awful lot… Well here is a post for newbie or expert or those in between! I picked up a handy tip myself…

Is Spoiler-Free Pressure Ruining In-Depth Discussions About Books?

From Shannon A Thompson. GAH!!! I SO FREAKIN AGREE WITH THIS POST… you’ve got to read it… Okay, okay, it’ll probably take a little more convincing. I too would like to be able to talk about details of a book SOMEWHERE… I created a feature to do so but because its spoilers no one will read it, don’t YOU want to talk about books on a deeper level, more than just read this…?!

Let’s Talk About Abuse and Rape in YA Fantasy

From Cam @ Camillea Reads. Okay warning! Spoilers in this post… but you’re safe if you aren’t too keen on fantasy without much fantasy… I too read Tess of the Road and I wasn’t as effected as Cam… Her thoughts are right on about abuse and rape… and while the book didn’t really stir me, this is an important topic!!

Backlist Blast (Weekly Book Meme)

From Flavia the Bibliophile. This week I stumbled on Flavia’s new meme… it pairs well with her Arcstravaganza meme which celebrates ARCs you’ve received, but instead you share a book on you backlist at least 6 months old that you want to excite yourself to read soon! Sounds like a fun way to get other bloggers to urge us to get reading!!

Blue Watercolor Ball Line

News graphic for This Week's AppreciationThis week I shared my wrap up post… Please check it out and click on anything you missed! I have a Korean Food post that will get your taste buds salivating and you’ll want to watch K-dramas, so prepare to be seduced!!

Make Your Own Luck Be Kind March Featured

February Gone. Into a Lucky Patch…

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Do reviews influence you opinions and whether you’ll read a book?!

When I’ve read a cross section of reviews about a book I can typically figure out from the positive vs. the negative along with the premise whether I will enjoy it or not. They add up and I’ve gotten good at reading between the lines… Where I go wrong is with EXTREME hype. When I NEVER see a negative review… but then end up HATING a book… it’s such a bummer!

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27 thoughts on “#45… 5 Stars! Twitter! Spoiler-Free! Rape! Backlist Blast! + Is the book community TOO influential?”

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post this week Dani. 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed it enough to feature it, and I will definitely be checking out some of the others your featured this week as well. It seems like there are some interesting topics being discussed in the book blogging community lately, and I always love reading people’s opinions on them. 😀
    Great post, and thanks again. 🙂

  2. Agreed about reviews, I do the same! Also, when discovering new bloggers, it’s hard to tell who shares your taste which is ultimately going to decide whether you like a book or not. I learnt a long time ago that I just do not like coming of age books, no matter how much hype around them and no matter how many good reviews!

  3. I loved the post about spoilers, and I so agree. I love spoilery discussions, I think they’re the best. Isn’t that why (at least partly) we blog and come online to discuss favorite books?? I’ve done a few reviews where I include a spoilery section at the bottom, and I’m going t continue to, but I’d like to do more spoilery discussions!

    1. I know, right?! I LOVE spoiler discussions too… and there is so much I want to hear what other readers think too! I wish these types of posts were more popular… but I’m glad your keeping up a spoiler section that would seem to be the best of both worlds! 😉

  4. Well now I’m curious about the ‘too influential’ part 😀 oh yeah, I really liked Kate’s post about Twitter too 🙂 I was going to have someone do something for my #NewBloggers thing about Twitter, but now I feel like I don’t have to anymore! OOOH and I gotta see Cam’s post. Man, Dani, you do these appreciation posts so well! I just want to read them all.

  5. Reviews often sway my opinion on a book, I could go from wanting to read it immediately to putting it on my never shelf and vice versa. Generally, I will read quite a few reviews – both positive and negative before I decide if I will read a book. If someone says the writing is bad, I will probably not pick it up!

  6. Ok I’ll go check these posts now thank you Dani and yes reviews have a great role in my decision to read or not. When a book is hyped I will go check on it as it’s everywhere. And if friends with similar tastes love a book the chances are high that I will too.

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