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February Gone. Into a Lucky Patch…

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction has some fun link ups and I’m getting on board her monthly wrap-up round-up. It was so fun last month!! And I met some new bloggers too… February wasn’t kind to me, but that’s okay, blogging is like the tides, some months great and some months tough… It did improve by the end…

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Thoughts on February

Hahaha my writing partner found this video of Bjorgen and other members of Norway’s cross-country ski team parodying K-pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” – talk about the highest form of flattery!

I MADE IT! I know, it’s not as positive as last month but you know I’m refusing to be angsty and unhappy… Just like those Olympic hopefuls out there, win or lose I’m going to be satisfied with my efforts even if I didn’t win as many golds!
Moody Reader Book
Okay so I’m doing good on my Goodreads challenge… I DID NOT however read any books from my 2018 Moody Reading Challenge list… I didn’t even realize because I was reading two book club books… BUT in March I’m going to participate in a reading challenge and almost ALL of my TBR is made from my Moody challenge!! It’s not too late to participate, check out the March Take Control Challenge here
State of the ARC FeaturedA couple of the books on my March TBR are back ARCS… books I received for review AFTER they were published… I seriously hope to get to them! That will help my State of the ARC for sure. I did start a back ARC and dnfed it because it wasn’t at all what it said… Later they changed the cover and yeah, I didn’t sign up for that kind of book! It was nice to just get that one off the burner…


With my Reading A to Z challenge I forgot to link up again… Thank goodness Megan is so forgiving!! In February I hit letters F, B, O… some pretty unusual letters after January’s more easy ones (A, H, Q, R, S, T)!  GAH, now if I could just remember to link up!!

That was February!! Can you believe it… seems I AM making progress, just with different things this time around… I’m not really a fan of the new top 10 prompts so if you know of a new meme I can try then please direct me to the link in the comments!! I’d so appreciate it… And the plan is again to do some regular blog hopping and some unearthing of new blogs, we’ll see…

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Books Read This Month

I read 8 books this month… and I had to REALLY push at the end… So a MEGA-YAY!! Hahahahhha, I really couldn’t have squeezed in that last book if I wasn’t going to a book club to talk about it later that night. Probably what kept me from reading as much this month was:

  • A slow start… I hadn’t finished a second book until the 14th!
  • The short month… I could have finished another book or two with 3 more days…
  • Reading 15 MANGA!! GAH! I had some series I wanted to review…

My goal is to review a manga once a week… sometimes a volume and sometimes a series. I think mixing it up is fun?! *shrug* Look in on them if you are curious… I don’t stay in one genre with manga…

— Click on covers to find links to reviews below!!  —


This month was pretty split for me in the LOVE department… The most shocking numbers were the manga ones… I was split down the middle. I’m okay with that though, when you’re trying new genres you’re bound to not enjoy them as much for various reasons. Really I was quite blessed to enjoy everything I read even if they had writing and story problems!

February 2018 Heart Reading Chart

Reviews Posted This Month


Have you read The Falconer series?! Is it on your TBR?

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Did you miss…?!

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I’m rather shocked to say that I only had one less feature post than last month!! YES, I did a lot better than I thought… I’ve slimmed back on tags but that allows me to work extra hard making the one I do, do super fun. And my guest posters have been SO GOOD!! I’ll have to dig deep to find their like in the coming months (thanks Lashaan and Marie!! ❤ )

Are You Eclectic Featured

Are you an Eclectic Blogger?! Such a great word… deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. WE ALL ARE yes…?!

Korean Lunar New Years FeaturedLunar New Year in South Korea and Asia. I HAD to share about this uniquely Asian holiday… and how us fan girls and boys can participate…

Guest Post by Lashaan banner FeaturedGuest Post // What are your ULTIMATE Adult Fantasy Classics?  Lashaan’s passion for fantasy is compelling… check it out + add to your TBR!

Top 10 Manga OTPs FeaturedTop 10 OTPs to Fall in Love with Manga. Want to fall in love with manga… these are the series I’d try with the couples I ship!

Sketchy Hearts on Black Back FeaturedAre you intrigued by these sketchy hearts for a book cover?! Covers are soooo important, here’s how to make them count…

Wonder Woman vs Narnia tag FeaturedWonder Woman 👸 vs. Narnia 🦁 Book Tag. Two worthy opponents fight it out… Which tag will win?! Unexpectedly it was…!!

Ideal Fantasy Mate FeaturedCharacter Traits that make an Ideal Fantasy Mate. Talking character traits I love in females and in males… YES they are different!

Keep or Skip Banner Key and Axe FeaturedManga Series I’m in the Middle of Reading. My 2nd keep or skip post and a TBR of series I want to finish! Another great list with manga to try…

Lee Joon-gi Filmography FeaturedFangirl Filmography: Lee Joon-gi. GAH!! The king of Sageuk… he WILL covert you!! Enter at your own risk his pretty face will ruin you…

Top 5 Adult Urban Fantasy FeaturedTop 5 Adult Urban Fantasy Books // Courtesy of my Writing Partner. She reads WAY more UF than me… so I even take her suggestions!

Korean Food Bucket List FeaturedDishes from K-dramas I NEED // My Korean Food Bucket List. This is one of a couple food posts I want to share!! ALL YUMMY, I promise…

Lets Chat feather banner

Are you excited for my guest posts?! I AM!!

Next month I have a super thoughtful blogger visiting!! She’ll really make you think… I’d also really LOVE to know which post you were excited to click in from February…? Are there too many manga reviews?! Any feedback is good feedback! I hope everyone’s March is full of super powerful books and many hours of reading and blogging…

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Thanks for reading XOXO




30 thoughts on “February Gone. Into a Lucky Patch…”

  1. February was a tough month for a lot of people! I was sick with the flu for most of the month. *thumbs down*

    1. Aww exams do take over, don’t they?! I hope it paid off with great marks in all your classes. 😉 Heart of Iron was a half and half for me… I didn’t like the girl, but I loved the M/M couple and her love interest Di. The plot was a mess, but I’d still suggest you read it if you love diversity and the premise sounds fun to you. ♥️

  2. It looks like you’ve had a pretty successful month ESPECIALLY in the Manga department XD I have to admit I’ve never actually read a Manga before but I’m definitely interested in reading one! If you happen to have a recommendation for beginners, definitely let me know! Good luck with your ongoing challenges and I hope you get to those backlist ARCs you were talking about! I always struggle with reading my ARCs so I definitely want to work on that this month as well 🙂

    1. oooh it’s hard to say what manga would be the absolute best… but since you love romance and boys love (right?!) I think the best series would be The Betrayal Knows My Name. It’s supernatural but gorgeous and full of relationships. Anyway if you ever get the chance to read manga that is what I would suggest ❤ Good luck reading your ARCs too!! May we both succeed on our goals 😉

  3. So cool that you got through so many mangas! Saw the binge going on on Goodreads and that definitely had me pumped to read more actually hahahah I do hope you’ll get to read even more books in March and that things will be far better on all fronts for you, and also your reading partner, Dani!! Happy reading! 😀

  4. Great wrap-up post! Overall, you had a good reading month! It’s my first time watching that Pyeongchangnam Style video and it was really hilarious. I’ll definitely look forward to your guest post. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful March and Happy Reading! 🙂

  5. I love that you are doing guests posts! ❤ Such a great way to add more to mix while lending support in the community 🙂 I am curious to see your review of Orphan Train. I loved it, but many I talk to do not share my thoughts. Hope you have a fantastic March!

    Ahem! Sorry, Anything related to BTS makes me go into hype mode!

    Also, what did I just see!! XDDD
    But yaaaay you for making progress! Progress is progress in whatever way that is, so it's definitely an achievement! I hope you have an amaaaaazing March!!!

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