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#44… Brands, Hosting Sites, FREE Books, Bookworm Habits and Buggy Issues // Everything you need to be a Book Blogger!

This week I think I was sick with that invisible flu… I took naps during the day and was still exhausted at night rather early… otherwise I had no other symptoms! Hence my posts were quite limited this week to reviews. So watch out… it may come for you too… I’m going to link up with Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post meme to spread the love as I believe I’ve found a happy medium. FINALLY!

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On Creating a Brand: Who are you as a Book Professional?

From Austine @ Novel Knight. I’ve written a discussion about influencer bloggers … but HOW do you become one?! Well Austine gives us step one… and that’s to create a brand with your platform. It means finding your voice… check out her other suggestions!

So you want to move from Blogger to (free) WordPress?

From Evelina @ Avalinahs Books. Evelina has this nifty post series #NewBloggers101… They are ALL great advice for new and old bloggers alike! This week she has a guest poster, Lauren @ Northern Plunder, who shares instructions of how you (or a friend) can move your blog! It’s really neat if you want to take that plunge…

Bookish Resources or How To Get Free Books Legally

From Marta @ The Cursed Books. A while ago I shared Marta’s post about book piracy and now she’s back with another great post with tips of what you can do legally instead of steal author’s books!! It’s a great resource and I even saw one way I don’t tap… You NEED to check this list out!

Things Bookworms Do That I Don’t

From Cam @ Camillea Reads. I LOVE Cam’s discussions, they are always unique and thoughtful and I relate so much!! This week she shares some bookworm habits that she doesn’t partake in… I found the post incredibly bold and brave… Sometimes its hard to admit we don’t follow the crowd on everything (just books!!) Check out how many you Don’t do too…

Books Bug Me: Irish Characters

From Cate @ Midnight Biblio Blog. I just found this book blogger and about cracked a rib laughing it up… She’s Irish I gather and there are some really annoying Irish stereotypes she busts through… My favorite is about sexy ginger (NOT red) haired men!! You’ll have to read her post to see where authors go wrong…

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This week I shared reviews for Feb 27th YA releases… I was surprised by the book I loved, the one I recommend highly and the one I didn’t enjoy at all… You’ll have to take a look to figure out which is which…

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Heart of Iron review

Tess of the Road review

This Heart of Mine review

plus… get a glimpse inside my writer’s mind!

Ideal Fantasy Mate Featured

Both Sexes: Ideal Fantasy Book Mates from a Writer’s Perspective

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Are there bookworm habits that you DON’T do?!

I admit (please don’t stone me!! [I have sensitive skin alright>!])… I admit I do NOT pre-order new releases. I’ve been burned too often in the past. I also do NOT do most of the other things on her list… though I would LOVE bookish merchandise (please feel free to buy me some!) #justkidding #maybenot

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2 thoughts on “#44… Brands, Hosting Sites, FREE Books, Bookworm Habits and Buggy Issues // Everything you need to be a Book Blogger!”

  1. I hope that you are feeling better now Dani! Thank you for all these links I’ll check those I haven’t seen yet 😉

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