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Top 10 OTPs to Fall in Love with Manga

Today I’m going to share my top 10 Manga OTPs! (One true pairing for those who So these won’t necessarily be my favorite manga of ALL time but they are all quite good. I really LOVE and ADORE the couples in these manga and ANY romance lover will find them great gateway series to fall in love with manga!!

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9414170Top 10 Numbers - 10  The Betrayal Knows My Name, Vol. 1

by Hotaru Odagiri

For Boys Love fans

I’m starting out of the gate with a yaoi manga. You’ll have to ignore the racy cover… I personally know what sex is and don’t need a primer so it’s actually NOT racy inside. It’s all about the emotional relationship!

Touko and Tsukumo

And it has all types of boy pairings! I personally love Touko and Tsukumo the sister-brother partnership, but others fan over Shuusei and Hotsuma (who I also love together). And of course there is Luka and Yuki, the main pairing (who you can’t help awwwwing over!) In fact, the mangaka makes it really, really hard NOT to root for all the couples. They seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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1702887Top 10 Numbers - 9 Bride of the Water God, Vol. 1

by Mi-Kyung Yun

For Korean Fans

A manhwa is a Korean made comic rather than Japanese and I HAD to include my favorite couple… At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ship Soah and Habaek… she was quite passive and he was a little sneak!

Bride of the Water God

But as I read each volume I started to see the couple’s potential… this is for those that LOVE slow burn romances. They have a TON of opposition and plenty of others that are trying to keep this human away from a god… Despite this you feel like the two could find happiness from their heart break together… rather than with other mates.

Read my review here: Bride of the Water God vol. 1-4.

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36081707Top 10 Numbers - 8Takane & Hana, Vol. 1

by Yuki Shiwasu

For those Unsympathetic to Love

This is a hilarious duo that shouldn’t work but somehow do! They aren’t anywhere near the point in their relationship to get married or take their relationship to the next step. Exasperated by Takane’s immature attitude, yet amused and intrigued despite herself, Hana gets sucked in!

Takane and Hana - - Yahoo Image Search ResultsThe way the art was drawn, the frames laid out and the expressions used make this romance once that captures your heart too! And Takane’s creepy, evil SMILE!! GAH!!!! It makes you giggle and sigh dreamily and eagerly await the next page!! There is such depth to their relationship already and it comes out in the frames!!

If you want to check out that grin then head over to my review: Takane & Hana, Vol. 1 // A Review.

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8976455Top 10 Numbers - 7Oresama Teacher, Vol. 1

by Izumi Tsubaki

For May-December romance fans

Mafuyu and Takomi are an unlikely pair. He is a hot thug turned teacher who as a high school kid taught an elementary aged girl how to rumble with the best of them because she wouldn’t leave him alone… she’s a tom boy in high school (who can pass for a guy at times!) and he picks on her, enjoys teasing her and is even aggressive and cold to manipulate her! She can’t help that she’s been connected to him since before she could understood what that means… Actually this is a reverse harem and there are other potential “love” interests/friendships that contrast well with this unlikely duo. It’s funny, and cute and full of thuggish love!  I can’t help TOTALLY shipping them even though it can’t possible happen anytime soon…

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7338243Top 10 Numbers - 6Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1

by Kiiro Yumi and Hiro Arikawa

For Bookworms

This is one of those romances that linger in the will they or won’t they phase. We learn that Iku joined the Library Defense Force due to a mysterious officer who allowed her to keep a book that should have been taken.

tumblr_my2iizdZ1d1qbyihjo1_500.gif (500×281)

This may seem like a series that doesn’t stand out from the crowd with its comedy hijinks and its slow burn romance, but what makes it stand out is the unique setting of this team fighting to SAVE BOOKS! Yes, you read that right… they BOTH are all about the precious commodities that bookworms love! And Iku is no slouch, she fights like cats and dogs with Dojo, her boss and has quite the temper, but she also has a softer side that comes to the surface when times get tough.

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11029842Top 10 Numbers - 5Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 1

by Rei Toma

For Hate to Love Fans

Princess Nakaba of Senan and Prince Caesar of Belquat marry to seal a peace treaty between the 2 nations sharing the same island. She brings her loyal servant, Loki with her to her marriage. Within the manga there is no real contest about who Nakaba loves.

Asia Pacific Arts: How to Make All Sorts of Tension: Dawn of the Arcana manga reviewAnd Caesar is very much the supportive husband by the end of the series… But what if she chose Loki to develop instead?! I kind of wish that instead of Caesar and Nakaba withdrawing to their countries, they experienced a more dramatic parting. That would allow Loki to fill a place in her heart as her OTP… Still if you love hate to love romances then Caesar and Nakaba make a lovely couple as their nations go to war!

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6218007Top 10 Numbers - 4Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 1

by Karuho Shiina

For Awkward People Fans

I’ve read a TON of shoujo manga… and yet this one lingers with me as one of the best manga for contemporary lovers and that is because of the MC’s awkward cuteness! You fall for Sawako so hard… everyone has been misunderstood at least once in their lives so you can totally relate to how others see her.

sawako and kazehaya gif - - Yahoo Image Search Results

But her equal is Kazehaya – cheerful and ditzy yet kind in the most admirable way. This is more than just a romance manga set in high school. This girl needs help to come out of her shell and it will take MORE than a boy liking her to do it! Another slow burn romance but in a totally different way… so full of awkward growing pains.

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7684644Top 10 Numbers - 3Dengeki Daisy, Vol. 1

by Kyousuke Motomi

For Fusion Lovers

Teru and Tasuku don’t seem to go together at first. He’s a janitor and she’s a high school student, but there is more there than meets the eye… A mixture of dealing with grief at the loss of her brother, a mysterious text relationship with DAISY a hacker her brother knew and Kurosaki who seems to be there when she needs help.

Dengeki Daisy - - Yahoo Image Search Results

I honestly didn’t know what to think about this after the first volume but I felt compelled to continue! Now it is one of my favorite shoujo mangas with a great fusion mix.

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25667474Top 10 Numbers - 2Orange, Vol. 1

by Ichigo Takano

For Alternate History Buffs

Naho was a shy and timid girl in high school even though she had a small group of friends. When the boy she liked kills himself she has lots of regrets 10 years later though she is happily married. What if letters from the future can help relieve her of her regrets…

orange manga gif - - Yahoo Image Search Results

This has been an incredible journey as Naho transforms due to these letters and trying to help Kakeru. Kakeru himself has some dark emotions and guilt he must deal with to survive. I TOTALLY ship Naho and Kakeru but I also TOTALLY feel for Suwa. I agree with him that Naho and Kakeru are made for each other… but can time make them fit too?!

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23492381Top 10 Numbers - 1The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 1

by Aya Shouoto

For Yokai Fans

Himari and Aoi have a palatable attraction that is clear on the page from their first meeting! The fact that Aoi is now a part of Nue doesn’t change that or stop feelings from growing…

The Demon Prince of Momochi House - - Yahoo Image Search Results

BUT what about Nue!? Does he love Himari?! Is there a way for everyone to be happy?!

You can read my review of this excellent manga here: The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 1-5 // A Review.

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Manga is full of relationships that have OTP potential!

I wasn’t totally clear on a couple of these was I?! I really enjoy exploring the idea of there being two people for you. And some of these do that so, so well… (And YES I’m giving away these luuuvvvvv recommendations for free!) I’m going to cross share with a lovely new group I joined on Goodreads: Monthly Recommendations, for their Graphic Novels/Mixed Media link up. Which couple are you MOST fascinated by?!

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Thanks for Reading XOXO




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11 thoughts on “Top 10 OTPs to Fall in Love with Manga”

  1. These are some incredible recommendations. I am a huge fan of manga and I’ve been dying to read some manga again. I remember starting reading Dengeki Daisy.

  2. What a great way to interpret the meme!! I like the sound of betrayal knows my name and it’s really good to know about the cover not exactly reflecting what’s inside. And of course I really like the sound of library wars! And always enjoy love to hate tropes too 🙂

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