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#42… Reading Less?! Shhh… Hype Harm + Re-reading, Feedly and a Secret Challenge

Sundays are major days of rest for me. I work on Saturdays so I need that downtime for my next week. It’s also a day of planning and mulling things over… So I am always forgetting to link up with Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post meme to spread the love. This week I’m doing it all a little differently and posting early… I’ll have to see if that works better…

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Why I’m Happy to be Positive ALWAYS

From Orangutan Librarian. This is a post I’ve been needing… I’ve been thinking a lot about reading less… I need time for comments and k-dramas and both suffer when I’m trying to cram an extra book in. THIS EXPLAINS OTHER WAYS it helps your reading life… YOU NEED THIS POST TOO…

Is Hype Help or Harm?

From Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. This is a really timely post… I think book publishing relies on the book community for their hype to sell books. I recently reviewed The Hazel Wood and so I really related to her thoughts on the hype surrounding the book. Do you relate?!

The Five Types of Rereading

From Sarah @ Written Word Worlds. I’ve long admired Sarah’s unique discussions where she recommends books while tackling a bookish topic. This week she talks up re-reading… a habit that has been rather popular in the new year. What type of re-reader are you?! I’m totally the nostalgic re-reader… well, if I had the time…

How to Use Feedly (+ Why It’s My Favorite Feed Reader!)

From Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight. I have long wanted a way to blog hop that is easier and I have heard about other readers… This week Kristen shares some really compelling reasons to give Feedly a try… #1 on my list… you have have different lists of blogs you are following! What are your reasons?!

mARCh Madness: An ARC-less Reading Challenge

From Laura @ The Book Corps. Laura’s goal for March is to have an ARC-free reading month! I HIGHLY applaud this idea… I wish I could totally participate but I have some ARCs I won’t be able to get to until then… but ANYONE can fly high, without ARCs… Check it out!

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In 2018 I’ve upped my blogger love game by asking influential bloggers I admire (and adore) to guest post on my blog. For February we’ve got… dun, dun, dun… LASHAAN from Bookidote!

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Guest Post by Lashaan banner Featured

I won’t call it shameless as I really want EVERYONE to read the fabulous Lashaan’s guest post… if you are a fantasy fan then you’ve got to check these classics out! Guest Post // What are your ULTIMATE Adult Fantasy Classics? (And it would be so helpful to me to see what adult fantasy books you suggest in the comments!)

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Do you feel the pressure from hype, to read and to skip re-reads?

I do, I do!! I feel immense pressure to read… and I had a great reading month last month too! No reading slump as an excuse. And I certainly want to get to those books that are so highly suggested by my fellow book bloggers… so I NEED to read more! And don’t even talk to me about re-reads!

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Please visit these blogs, they are wonderful! XOXO


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29 thoughts on “#42… Reading Less?! Shhh… Hype Harm + Re-reading, Feedly and a Secret Challenge”

      1. Have you tried it out? I already enjoy it more than using my reader, it puts everything exactly right in front of me and I find it less stressful!

  1. I’ve always felt like the blogging community has an insanely dangerous influence on my reading. I tend to add so many books to my TBR because of y’all and I sometimes even go out of my way to get my hands on certain particular books/series ASAP! Crazy stuff. Thanks again for having me on your blog, Dani! ❤

    1. Actually I’m totally appreciative you wrote a post for my blog Lashaan! ♥️ You make an excellent guest poster!

      I have to agree with you…. the book community has had a major impact on my reading… since I was a child reading classics and being a pattern oriented person I’ve strayed off the mainstream path… now I have a good balance I think… all because of blogger suggestions. 😉 (and way too many TBR)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my post!! I’m so glad you got so much out of it!!! 😀 I definitely want to read the post about hype- I always feel like that’s an important topic! Such awesome picks- as always! 😀

  3. I used to feel pressure, but then I decided that I needed to read what I wanted to read when I wanted. So, if that means I read only review request books for a while, I do. If I want to reread favorites, I do. If I want to read books that have been on my shelf waiting for me, I do.

    Great post! I will be visiting these links. =)

  4. Dani, this post was incredible! I clicked on almost all of the links because all the posts sounded so interesting! I never even considered that there were different types of rereading but now I totally get it!!!

    And I didn’t know there were other readers to use for blog-hopping omg!!!! The post definitely convinced me to try out Feedly—I always struggle with to blog-hop since I don’t always have the time for it but I’ll definitely check out that Reader, hoping it’ll make my life a lot easier XD

    Thank you so much for sharing these, Dani! This is fantastic ❤

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