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Guest Post // What are your ULTIMATE Adult Fantasy Classics?

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I’m so excited to host Lashaan from Bookidote today!!

Lashaan is a book reviewer, mystery thriller expert who has a secret (or not so secret) PASSION for adult fantasy. I’ve been a fan of his blog since I found it last year… His reviews are quite thoughtful and I enjoy reading them and thinking about the insight he brings to books!

As we’ve talked through our comments I’ve noticed Lashaan is quite motivated to read the classics from all sorts of genres… I’ve LONG admired that desire and how he’s read several from different genres over the last year, like this one he reviewed of Raymond E. Feist’s classics Magician Apprentice!

This month I asked Lashaan with all his FANTASY AMBITION to give me his ultimate list of adult fantasy classics! These are the stories that inspired the YA fantasy that is so popular today. So sit up and take notice (you’ll probably want to write a few of these down!!)

THANK YOU Lashaan for sharing your classics love with us this month! We highly value your “adult” opinion!

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H i   E v e r y o n e !

Before we get to the juicy part of this post, I would like to thank Dani for even having me here. It is an honor to appear as a guest post on her stunningly and uniquely-designed blog with absolutely original content (come on, I dare you to find someone who does anything like her. I double dare you!) For her to invite me to do such a thing is insanely heart-warming (I don’t exactly often get these kinds of opportunities), but to be considered as that go-to person for adult fantasy? I’m blown away.

When I started blogging and to also voraciously read books, I always thought mystery—not the psychological thrillers that you see everywhere now, but the classic crime genre—was my go-to genre. As years went by, I slowly found that adult fantasy was a thing of its own and the genre found a special place in my heart. It has no limits and stimulates your imagination like nothing else out there.

Now the purpose of this guest post is to share my own ultimate adult fantasy list with books that I’d consider as classics. There are some that I must visit this year, but something already tells me that I’ll end up praising them once I read them anyways. 😀

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8652931. The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

This is the book that I’d say opened the door to adult fantasy for me. It has every single thing I’d have ever want in a story. Amazing friendships, awesome characters, dark and beautiful settings. I could rave about this one for days.

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138122. Magician: Apprentice by Raymond E. Feist

This is one of those series that I saw as a game-changer for the genre. It transported me to my childhood and mesmerized me with its universe.

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72355333. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

I could have just as easily mentioned Mistborn instead (and I’m confident enough to say I could have mentioned anything the dude has ever written too), but since The Way of Kings was my first book by Mr. Sanderson, it earned its place. It is huge, but its slow, steady and beautiful world-building is absolutely stunning.

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258955244. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

I’ve only heard great things about this author and when I got the chance to read a book by him (his latest one too), I was enthralled! Killer nuns, friendships and a chosen one that will never be forgotten. Loved it!

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553995. Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

This one is pretty hardcore if you ask me. You need to be ready to embrace a universe that is dark and depressing to enjoy this. It has a lot of philosophizing too!

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https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1327110509l/11059675.jpg6. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I had a hard time even thinking about excluding this one. Everyone by now knows what it is, and it has clearly started a new trend in the genre. It only gets better further into the series from what I’ve heard.

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24955677. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I’ve seen people hate on this author for taking 1000 years to release the third book in the series, but if you ask me, that only shows how amazing it is! A coming of age story like none other.


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771978. Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Coming of age stories are quite popular in the genre, but it’s living it through the eyes of such unique characters and having the whole world unravel through them that makes this one so popular.

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2286659. The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Another classic with a young hero going on an adventure that will keep you hooked forever. It is what you’d expect with fantasy tropes we know and love but done beautifully. The Wheel of Time series is no joke.

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2346264910. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

An adult fairy tale by Neil Gaiman. If you don’t know about this author, you have clearly been missing out on a lot! His imagination knows no boundaries.


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Honestly, just looking through this list gets me super excited. I strongly believe that anyone who enjoys a good fantasy book will be in complete ecstasy in the presence of these.


Are there other adult fantasy books that you’d put up on this list? I know I could have easily doubled this list though! I mean… where’s Ms. Le Guin and Mr. Tolkien in all this, right? 😀 Share your recommendations with us! 😉

Again, thank you Dani for featuring me this month! ❤
Y o u r s   t r u l y ,  L a s h a a n

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What a wonderland of an ultimate list… THANKS AGAIN Lashaan! It was an honor having you on my blog!

Please share this on social media so everyone has a chance to check out Lashaan’s ULTIMATE in Adult Fantasy Classics.

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Do you have any adult fantasy books you’d consider classic to add to this ultimate list?

In 2018 I’ve upped my blogger love game by asking influential bloggers I admire (and adore) to guest post on my blog. Last month Marie from Drizzle & Hurricane Books shared her ultimate contemporary YA books and helped me complete my TBR for the year. I’m SO THANKFUL for Lashaan to join her ranks! Can you believe I’ve actually read a third of the list!! The newer fantasy I haven’t gotten to yet but I spy a couple that I NEED to get to… Do YOU have any to add?

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Thanks for Reading XOXO





23 thoughts on “Guest Post // What are your ULTIMATE Adult Fantasy Classics?”

  1. Absolutely wonderful post from Lashaan!! And his list is incredible and definitive!! I love most of the books on here that I’ve read- magician, red sister, name of the wind, assassin’s apprentice and neverwhere are all amazing!! So want to read Lies of Locke Lamora and Way of Kings as well!

  2. Great Post Dani! Bookidote is one of my favorite blogs and I always enjoy reading Lashaan’s reviews especially his fantasy book reviews and movie reviews. These are really great recommendations. I’m adding all of them to my TBR list! 🙂

  3. This post is so exciting!! I’m always looking for some adult fantasy recommendations – some of these books are already on my TBR, but most I’ll have to check out 🙂 My top adult Fantasy recommendation is the Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks as it has amazing worldbuilding 😍

  4. Awesome list!!! Most of those are on my TBR… omg I’m so behind! I am thinking of getting the audiobook of Neverwhere with the BBC cast and all… do you think reading the book is a better experience for the story??

      1. I feel the same, I think I’ve read 3 or 4 of his books, American Gods being one of them and I seriously did not like that one. Great premise but poorly executed.
        I think I’ve learnt my lesson though, no more Neil Gaiman for me…

  5. Wheel of Time is absolutely astonishing. I think that it’s incredible to read and think about help revolutionary it was. The tired tropes we think about now were so fresh when it came out! I’m 9 books in and I’m hoping to one day finish it up.

  6. 😀 That’s awesome! Bookidote is one of my fav blogs too and there’s a great set of books listed here. Feist’s Magician: Apprentice is one I’d love to try.

  7. Lashaan is the tops. Bookidote rocks.
    Nice list, bro.
    I have not really read too much ‘adult’ fantasy. I am a Terry Pratchett guy. I read the graphic novel books, ‘Rat Queens’ I & II, but I don’t think those count. I have heard that “Kings of The Wyld’ is good, though, and is something I have been meaning to get .
    Happy Grown-up Reading, y’all.
    ~Icky. 🙂

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