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Are you an Eclectic Blogger?!

What a fascinating question this week! I’m a little late getting to it as I was slow to do my blog planning for February but I really wanted to answer this question…

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Do you prefer to blog about a specific book genre, or do you have an eclectic blog?

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Eclectic is such a great word… it means deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Even if I wasn’t an eclectic blogger I would WANT to be one as I would want to fall under that description… And actually I’ve always been eclectic with a broad range of interests and an ability to appreciate art, style and ideas that fall outside of my tastes.

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Some may say that I’m a one genre blog as I mainly read and review YA fiction. I have a number of reasons for this:

  • I DO tend to stick to YA as it encompasses a range of subgenres that I love: fantasy, paranormal, mental health, dystopia, sci-fi, and steampunk.

  • YA fiction are easy to read! Even if the writing is trash I can typically finish the book and not take ten years (like with some adult fantasy).

  • Plus most author’s writing styles in YA are of a lighter variety (as heavy writing is a pet peeve of mine).

There are many other benefits but these are my main ones… as such I often read outside the YA genre too. Like this book I reviewed: Disabled + Fae from The Arcadia Project // Borderline review, an adult urban fantasy with mental health issues. It certainly falls within my regular interest range while also being a book that is a bit different from what I normally read.

That is a benefit of focusing on one genre (even if it is rather general like YA) while also reading eclectically, a little from a bunch of genres… You are sharing books and interests that a general YA fan loves while also not limiting yourself to ONLY things that can be found in the YA fiction world.

It makes you stand out! What can I say?! I LOVE a lot of everything! I’m eclectic like that…

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Do you feel you’re eclectic and/or a one genre blogger?

This was fascinating to think about… at first I definitely put myself in the eclectic column as I love all sorts of story forms: books, movies, television, manga and graphic novels. My blog though is more focused than my interests (for the most part!) Some of my favorite bloggers have super focused interests too… and that’s great, it makes them a kind of expert…

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10 thoughts on “Are you an Eclectic Blogger?!”

  1. Great Topic! I can’t say myself an eclectic blogger because I also mostly stick to YA books and less on NA and Adult books. Beside Books, I also wanted to blog about mangas and K-dramas but it will take a lot of time which I don’t have.

    1. Haha, I think it’s great to know what you like and to stick to it… but I get you about kdramas and manga… I too love both and the little I do is VERY time consuming! I hope you get there someday though because I’d love to read those reviews ♥️

  2. Hm, my answer is a bit like yours. The majority of books on my blog are YA (and it seems like the majority of those are YA fantasy), but I do read MG and Adult too, in a variety of genres. I think part of it is availability! I’d read a lot more eclectically if I had a bigger library and got more diverse book recommendations. The only new books I usually hear about are YA. (Yes, I’m blaming it on all the book blogs I read 😛 )

    1. And there really is SOOOO much to read in YA… you can read all sorts of fantasy and thrillers, or contemporary all in YA! Haha, it IS us book bloggers fault, lol… it has to be really recommended for me to pick up an adult book. I understand you can get a digital library card for major libraries in America. I’m not sure of the cost but it does seem like a great option (a friend does this with the nyc library)! ♥️

  3. Nice post! My favorite genre is not just one but i guess 3 or 4! So, I’m not at all one genre blog. I love different types of stories and i always look for newness in books that i’m sure i won’t get if i stick to just one genre.:)

  4. I’ve never really given it much thought but I definitely stick largely to YA. I’ve tried other genres but I tend to enjoy YA far more however, ever since I started blogging, I’m trying to try out different genres. Let’s see how it goes. Great post!

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