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Coming Together at Smalkand for Eskandar and Lothi-Mo! // A Review of The Bokkaners of the North

I ADORED the first book in this series… you can read my review here… I thought it an EXCELLENT start to a new series! I quite enjoyed the second book in the series… you can read my review here… and I was ready and willing to move on to the third book!

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35521087The Bokkaners of the North

Wyrms of Pasandir #3
by Paul E. Horsman
Published June 25th 2017
by Amazon Digital Services

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Eskandar is a sovereign leader and Wyrmcaller; a person of great magic, and the defender of Bodrus the Sleeping God… As Teodar sends them North to continue the fight needs necessitates a new base in a deserted cave system on the coast of their own Pasandir Peaks. Liberating Kalbakar Keep and capturing a Qoori warship from the Pirates of Brisa was just the beginning as he and his band of kids take down the ancient lich king’s allies wherever they find them!

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Dragons! Male Protagonist! Diversity! World Building! Group Dynamics! Friendship! Magic! Broomriders! Monsters! Gods! Politics!

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First Impression rating graphicOkay this almost NEVER happens with me… What am I talking about you ask…? I FREAKIN’ FINISHED THE THIRD BOOK IN A SERIES! It isn’t even the final book, lol. I finished about 2 series last year… so this is a HUGE milestone. A series has to REALLY WOW me in order to keep my interest from straying to something new.

I’m really impressed by Eskandar and his might crew of kids. I love that the group continues to expand and showcase different kids. I’m SOOO glad that the weaknesses of the 2nd book, minor though they were, weren’t present in this book at all… in fact THIS BOOK IS THE BEST IN THE SERIES SO FAR!

Cover Design rating graphic A-What impresses me about this series’ covers are that they are consistent! I know right away that they are from the Wyrms of Pasandir series. I like that each features a different mode of transportation, it highlights an aspect of the world building that is an asset. I still think they are rather murky as far as showing readers what to expect, but the series is so good and has unique elements that would be hard pressed to be squeezed into the tiny space on the cover. So as far as capturing a unique fantasy atmosphere they do that well.

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Why is this book better than the first two?

Balance, Balance, Balance!! It felt so real and authentic that I really, really, really want to visit and meet Eskandar’s entire crew. I want my own wyrm and I want in on the battle against this ass of a lich king! Horsman incorporates aspects of real living, running a country and other sovereigns all in a way that is action packed, fun and exciting. It truly doesn’t feel like YA at all.

Watercolor splot 2 The magic is back baby!

I felt like the start was so impressive, like I realized I would NOT be able to put this puppy down once I got started and boy was I right! Some new magic built on what we already knew was expanded upon and some of the big political honchos were brought in to be impressed by it too. Lothi-Mo had a go too… I mean seriously, so good, spread throughout the story.

Watercolor splot 6 Our core friendship was back at center stage while we focused on a select group of minor crew.

Kellani got a little lost in the second book and I missed her. She has more of a presence in this book. I was grateful to see her and Naudin really take the role of generals to Eskandar this time around and we heard their voices piping up all the time. I would have loved to see Kellani with the group at the end so we (and her) could see Eskandar’s reaction to her being apart from him but I also did love seeing the crew that were there grow from their own battle. This is certainly a place the series could do with some minor improvements, MORE Kellani especially.

Watercolor splot 1 Lothi-Mo was included through out and has a surprise for us at the end!

This little creature is what I LOVE most about these books. When a cute creature character is included in the story, many times they are simple companions to the MC. That’s great and I love cats and dogs that play this role but they aren’t really a PART of the story. Lothi-Mo this dear girl plays an ACTIVE role in plot and is ONE OF THE BEST DRAGON CHARACTERS I’VE READ. Seriously, she’s that good! Plus we learn more about what it means to BE a wyrm, male and female…

Watercolor splot 5 The plot was even better developed than the first two books.

Being in the middle of a story is normally the place that “red-haired step children plot” go to take up space. Seriously, middle books are some of the worst books on the planet earth. That’s because exciting plot is saved for hooking at the beginning or climaxing at the end. THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN, THERE WAS ALL SORTS OF THINGS GOING ON! Also most series only really have enough going on for a duology so the plot is stretched to fill a third book. THIS BOOK HAS DEEP PLOT LINES AND PLENTY MORE TO COME! And while the plot isn’t radically different each time it builds on what came before and develops into unexpected directions.

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My thoughts as a writer Typewriter Pink Purple Logo

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plot & Pacing
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ World Building

Horseman hit a sweet spot in this book. We have enough world building and setup of the story now that we are going from adventure to adventure without pause. When balance is found in a story everything clicks together, nothing pulls you out of the story, you crave more, and you somehow want to find yourself in that world too.

There is a coming together of the elements of this story that worked in concert with each other. The magic was present through the story and not the same types over and over. The friendship was there. The new kids rolling in and the older kids taking on their roles better and better. The villains popping up and sudden twists causing waves hit at the right times. Pacing worked in a suspenseful way and wasn’t boring. And best of all we learned more about what was going on with Bodrus and where we are headed in the next step of the journey.

I FULLY PLAN on continuing the series into book 5 and following Eskandar and all of his many allies as he chases down more wyrms for Lothi-Mo to queen over!

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Do you enjoy spin off books from series you love?

I am a little apprehensive to break up Eskandar’s story with Shaw’s POV and character arc in book 4 but I’m going to race through it as I’m sure it will be marvelous fun and adventure! My heart though is with Lothi-Mo and saving the wyrms…

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Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. It has not influenced my opinions.


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