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#37… SURPRISE! It’s Sunday…

YES! This is a huge change… I’m not sure if this feature will suffer or thrive on Sunday… After some thought I realized it may benefit me for this to post on Sunday. It gives me a little extra time to get to it (Saturday is a MAJOR work day for me) and Sunday is one of those lazy days where there’s a little more time to check things out. Please let me know what you think of the change in the comments.

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The Perks of Co-Blogging

From Lashaan @ Bookidote. I love Lashaan and Trang’s blog and I would feature them every week but try to wait for posts that BLOW me away… This week Lashaan did so when he shared about co-blogging! This is something I am interested in doing with my writing partner… You’ve got to check it out for yourself!

Ten 2018 Resolutions For Writers

From Fanna @ Fannatality. I found some new blogs from Evelina in her post this week and one of those lovely bloggers was Fanna! She shared this really inspiring post that centers on writers… There she suggested “Admit you’re writing for the readers.” I know I want people to read my books when they come out!! Check out the other 9…

8th Annual End Of Year Survey – 2017 edition!!

From Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner. You may have seen this survey floating around your favorite blogs… I was thinking of doing it for myself as a journal of 2017 and thought others may want to do it too!!

10 Signs you may not be loving your current read

From Ali @ I Wuv Books. Have you found yourself doing “other things” when there is a book waiting for you to devour it?! You’ve read the first 50 pages but getting to the 100 mark has been oddly slow? Well then you NEED these signs…

Non Bookish Things I Loved in 2017

From Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books. This was such a fun post that I HAD TO SHARE!! In it Kristin goes over some of her favorite things!! I’ll give you a hint… Wonder Woman and FOOD!! Check all the good things out…

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What is your #1 goal for 2018?

Everyone has resolutions up for the new year… as they’ve looked back at 2017 and thought about their experiences and where they want to do better. But what is your priority? What concerns you the MOST? Everything should stem from that (according to Warren Buffet…) I created a reading challenge (click to check it out)!

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Please visit these blogs, they are wonderful! XOXO


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