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Changing for Better in 2018

UPDATED 1/15/18!! I have realized since posting this that I forgot a couple challenges that I wanted to take part in so I added them… 

I’ve been so inspired by everyone’s different resolution posts this week!! I wasn’t really intending on doing one as I kind of just keep a running list in my head, but it’s been super fun to read how excited everyone is for 2018… and I want to share some of the things I want to focus on too!

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Reading Better!!

Something I noticed in 2017 was that I was all over the place in my reading; not necessarily reading what I wanted so much as what caught my momentary attention. This year I want to be a little more deliberate in my reading while also having some fun!

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Goodread Challenge 2018Reading 150 Books Minimum

This is your classic goodreads challenge! Last year I read 247 books with the help of my nephew who loves picture books. I got this number (which doesn’t include picture books) by doing some math. I typically get to read 10 book books and 3-5 manga a month… So this goal is totally reachable and easy going.

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Reading Down my TBR

Moody Reader Reading Challenge Featured

Earlier this week I shared one of my biggest resolutions! That is to read down my TBR on goodreads this year. I want to get to some books that I have been meaning to read for a year or more so I created the Moody Reading Challenge!

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Reading A to Z


This challenge will go quite well with my own and I love the blogger hosting it, Megan @ Ginger Mom and the Reading Quest! She’ll have extra challenges each month and chats to make it fun and remind us. Each review earns you 1 point toward the grand prize at the end of the year of a $100 Amazon gift card! And you can do a kidlit version too if you love picture books (which I might do with my nephew!). I’ve already read my A and B books, American Panda and Bokkaners of the North!!

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Graphic Novels and Manga Reading Challenge 2018

This challenge is posted in a closed Facebook group which I thought would be a fascinating change for me. I do have a Facebook account and post to it for family and friends. I thought I could check out other manga bloggers and form a mutually beneficial relationship! I’ll have to see how it goes but I’m excited to meet some new people and have them read some of my new manga and graphic novel reviews… I’m planning on about 52 reviews during the year at the very minimum.

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Commenting Better!!

I’m super happy about my commenting in 2017. As an introvert getting my feelings into a comment box is HARD and AWKWARD for me. I’ve gotten so much better sharing and being myself. Now that I’m not so stiff I’d really enjoy getting to know other bloggers better and more consistently!

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More Discussion posts

Since I comment back a lot I need to give readers something to comment on! To those efforts I want to participate in this discussion linky challenge! I feel like it is an opportunity to find MANY wonderful posts for my weekly appreciation posts as well and help me find bloggers that I want to follow! Discussion posts are hard for me to write and not take ALL MONTH so this will give me some motivation to take the leap and write them.

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Comment on 365 Different Blogs this year

This is a challenge that goes well with my efforts in the discussion posts challenge. I’m sure to find many new bloggers that way. This will give me a double incentive to check in on my fellow discussions. Also Nori has created a list of bloggers who are participating with a spreadsheet and everything! I’ve tried it out and it is fun and I already found a blogger to follow!! You can still sign up too!!

Elgee WritesGayathri @ Elgee Writes is a new blogger I found who also has a comment challenge that I thought would work well in conjunction with the above comment challenge! I love bloggers who comment back, it feels more like a community rather than commenting into the great dark internet! She’ll add you to the list if you agree to comment back ❤

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The Sunday Post Linky

Sunday PostSince I decided to move my discussion posts to Saturdays and my This Week’s Appreciation posts to Sundays I was thinking about ways to spread the word about the blogger posts that I love. I know that many bloggers link up with Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and her Sunday Post meme. She says we can tailor our news posts anyway we want!

So I’m going to update my This Week’s Appreciation posts again with a NEWS section! I’ll keep it small as I want the focus to remain in the blogger posts that I loved this week!! AND I can comment on and find other bloggers this way…

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Prioritize Better!!

I was all over the place last year… I got distracted by everything on my plate and would focus on different things more or less and nothing consistently. Really at the end of 2017 I was just happy to hang in there on everything that I started!!

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Streamline My Posting Schedule

Keep Calm and Prioritize Your Life PosterTalking to my writing partner she suggested that I post certain posts on certain days and figure out when the myriad of features could be posted so that I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed. I want to post reviews the month I read them too so I want room for those to be and have time to be read. SO I WROTE DOWN MY SCHEDULE!! YAY! And I kept to it this last week!! It’s already relieved my mind so much!

Clean Up My Blog

I’ve already set this in motion! I want posts easy to find and read. I’ve stripped my regular posts of extra verbiage and consolidated it to one page. I already feel a weight off me doing that as well as streamlining my signature chat at the end of my posts. Also you’ll notice reviews are simplified in the new year as I make them easier to read. I have a bunch more ideas and things that will roll out as I get to them.

Also I want to add in Personal Priorities, as I streamline everything with my blog I want to be able to consistently do other things in my life that I sometimes put off for blogging and reading and commenting.

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Are you ready for 2018?! Is it hard to stick to resolutions?

I try really hard not to make goals that i won’t strive to do. This isn’t a perfect system but if I’m motivated then its A LOT easier to go for it then when I pile stuff on top of me that is just busy work without heart. (My ambition wants to sign up for 5 or 6 reading challenges but my heart says to stick with what I have…)

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Thanks for Reading XOXO



19 thoughts on “Changing for Better in 2018”

  1. I love the looks of your blog. So much colorful and happy. Especially the one you have in your Moody Challenge post. And girl 247?! That is too many, I say. I am proud and jealous of your mad skills 🙂

    I love commenting back and I am on the commenting 365 challenge too. Psst thanks for the mention *whispers*) And I am following you on the A-Z challenge from Megan and I love Megan too. Are we having lots in common or what?!

    Good day to you 🙂

      1. Thanks for the love, Dani. I am elated that you put my posts on your fridge magnet *happy dancing*

    1. Yeah I’m keeping to a humble number at the moment too. I figure I can always increase or simply surpass my expectations. It’s nice to meet a new graphic novel lover… I think I’ve said that to you before, but I guess I’m a little giddy with excitement, lol!

  2. 247?!?!?!?!?! Teach me your ways!!! Love the 150 challenge though. I’d really love to read that many myself.. Even including the comics I have, but one thing I have with comics is that even if they’re fast to read (or even re-read), I don’t want my collection to be full read and have to constantly buy new books hahah And even plugging a couple more per months feels like I’m rushing through their awesomeness! Maybe I’ll include mangas this and slowly reenter the world mangas/animes. 😀 Love the challenges too! So many to take on, but I’m sure you’ll do fine. 😉 Good luck!

    1. Hahhhhaa 🤣 I totally failed in 2017 Lashaan, but I AM ambitious. I tried to make it more doable this year! I understand about your comics though, I feel like that too with my manga series I love. I do LOVE the idea of you reading mangas some, easier than an 800 page fantasy tome to check out. Though my writing partner is reading Jade City right now. 😀

      Actually talking about this I was going to ask if you have time to do a guest post for me? You are so inspiring to me when it comes to classic/adult fantasy! Truly, like Marie is my contemporary YA blogger, you are my adult fantasy blogger. Would you be interested? 🤩

      1. Oh man, definitely easier than all these amazing 800+ page fantasy tomes!! Nooo wayyyyy! You have to let me know what she thinks of it when she finishes it. 😮 What made her pick it up?

        Oh, you’re too kind, Dani! Thanks for all that #respect! I still see myself as a newbie compared to other folks out here, but then I tell myself that I am maybe 15+ years younger than them too! Hahah I’d love to do a guest post for you. Let me know what you’d like to do, when, etc. 😀

      2. Hahaha, I suggested it to her on your recommendation. She reads like 10 times as fast as me so she reads a lot of the adult fare. I’ll read it too if she feels I should. Or we’ll just talk about the ideas and issues in the book. Many times she gives me the details I need to converse about it. ♥️ we make excellent partners in writing and reading if I do say so myself! 😉

        YAY! I was a little worried you’d be too busy, YAY! Hahaha… well I was thinking a guest post for February (or March if you need more time! I’m flexible.) I just read your Magician Apprentice review and your Malice review… I thought a list from you about your ULTIMATE “classic” fantasy would be fun. I say classic meaning anything you think that is or deserves the moniker, so it doesn’t have to actually be classic to count. I thought if I just said fantasy it would be too many…?! You could include books you’ve read and ones on your TBR. Really though I feel like I’m defining it too much, lol. I didn’t mean to do that. This is just what I’m generally thinking (ideas come to me pretty formed up already) so feel free to do whatever twist or changes you want! I know you’re passionate about this topic and really I need a small list of books that are “tomes” that I NEED to read. Like Marie I feel like your my adult fantasy expert. GAH! I’m so excited now! THANK YOU LASHAAN! 😁

      3. Oh wow! I’m always honored and super happy to hear that I somehow had an influence on picking up a certain book. It is also super scary, especially if it turns out to be mediocre to their eyes hahaha I do hope she/you guys will find it better than average and enjoy its “originality”! 😀

        Oh no, I can make time when I want to. It’s all about prioritizing, and this isn’t something that I get asked to do often anyways so I wouldn’t pass on it hahah Don’t worry about defining it! I do prefer having a good idea what you’d like from me! I’ll definitely do that and I think I can come up with a pretty nice list of books read and not read together! You can easily cut off books off the list I’ll hook you up with if you want to shorten it or anything. I’ll soon be “caught up” in my blog hopping to see what Marie’s guest post was like before sending you mine. 😉 No problem at all Dani and thank you again for thinking of me for this!!! ❤

      4. Hahha no worries… she’s enjoying it and we’ve already talked about some of it’s strong points!

        YAY! 🤩 I’m so excited! It’s an honor to have you prioritize for this guest post. I know you’ll do an excellent job Lashaan!

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