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2018 Moody Reading Challenge

Here it is, FINALLY!! My reading challenge… I have been wanting to create my own tag for a while and have yet to do get it together… so when I thought about a reading challenge that would be fun for me, I wondered if others might enjoy it as well… So with a finite deadline in place (Jan 1st-ish!) I prepared to host my first ever reading challenge!!

Moody Reader Reading Challenge Featured

Here are my goals for the challenge…

#1 – Target genres that I LOVE but never seem to get to.

#2 – Choose and focus on my most anticipated in those genres.

#3 – Pick older books that have been on my TBR list for a while.

#4 – Mix it up so that there will be all sorts of books to fit any mood!

#5 – Don’t feel pressured, even DNF if I’m not feeling the book…

What are your reading goals? You may want to read all the retellings you’ve never gotten to or have a list of second books in series that you want to MAKE sure to get to. You may be a fantasy lover who wants to try more contemporaries… whatever your genre or however many genres you make a list for you can have a moody list ready to go when you are in the mood for a GREAT book!

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Asian Centered

This is my most important list! I want to get to ALL of these by the end of the year if I can. It is one book per month so I think it is VERY doable…

  1. America Panda (Contemporary)
  2. Starfish (Contemporary, Mental Health #4)
  3. I Believe in a Thing Called Love (Contemporary)
  4. The Astonishing Color of After (Mental Health #5)
  5. The Epic Crush of Genie Lo (Paranormal #9)
  6. Crash Land on Kurai (Sci-Fi #5)
  7. Stormdancer (Steampunk #1)
  8. Of Metal and Wishes (Phantom of the Opera; Retelling #9, Steampunk #2)
  9. The Star Touched Queen (Persephone; Retelling #10)
  10. Shadows on the Moon (Cinderella; Retelling #11)
  11. Flame in the Mist (Mulan, Retelling #12)
  12. The Heart Forger (Series to Finish #7)

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This is a genre that fascinates me and ever since I read Cinder I have been dying to read more! I tried to only pick one type of retelling but a few doubles got in for going in such different directions…

  1. Geekerella (Cinderella; Contemporary)
  2. The Forbidden Wish (Aladdin)
  3. Cruel Beauty (Beauty & the Beast)
  4. Princess of Tyrone (Sleeping Beauty; Sci-Fi #6)
  5. Of Beast and Beauty (Beauty & the Beast; Dystopia #4)
  6. Heartstone (Pride & Prejudice; Dragons #1)
  7. For Darkness Shows the Stars (Persuasion; Sci-Fi #7)
  8. Scarlet (Red Riding Hood; Series to Finish #1; Sci-Fi #8)

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This is literally my favorite genre and I literally COULD NOT make a list that contains all of the different fantasy books so this is the group that didn’t make it on another list! These are hyped and indie fantasy that I’ve really been wanting to read…

  1. A Court of Mist and Fury (Series to Finish #2, Fae #1)
  2. The Rebels of Gold (Series to Finish #3, Dragons #2)
  3. Truthwitch
  4. Magpie’s Song (Dystopia #5, Dragons #3)
  5. Nevernight
  6. The City of Brass
  7. Even the Darkest Star (Dragons #4)
  8. The Princess and the Hound
  9. Stolen Songbird (Fae #2)
  10. The Vanishing Throne (Series to Finish #6, Steampunk #3, Fae #3)

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I’m not sure I’m going to get to every one of these books but I WILL get to Incarceron as this book inspired the list. I do quite enjoy these and they are good if I’m not in the mood for Asian, Retelling or Fantasy!!

  1. Incarceron (Dystopia #1)
  2. Gemina (Sci-Fi #1, Series to Finish #4)
  3. Tarnished City (Series to Finish #5, Dystopia #2)
  4. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (Sci-Fi #2)
  5. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe (Sci-Fi #3)
  6. Red Rising (Sci-Fi #4, Dystopia #3)
  7. Radiant (Sci-Fi #9, Dystopia #6)

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Mental Health

Amazingly I expected this list to be a LOT longer but every time I went to add a book to the list there was something that kept me from adding it! These were HIGHLY recommended to me and I REALLY want to get to them at the very least!

  1. Under Rose-Tainted Skies
  2. My Heart and Other Black Holes
  3. The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

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Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

These are my Magical Realism books that I have been wanting to try as well as a short list of books my writing partner is DYING for me to read, so hopefully I can get to them. I do love a good urban fantasy even though I’m a little Harry Pottered out.

  1. The Last Necromancer
  2. Blood of the Earth
  3. Grave Memory (Series to Finish #8, Fae #4)
  4. Jade City
  5. Phantom Pains (Series to Finish #9)
  6. Rivers of London
  7. The Night Circus (Magical Realism #1)
  8. Bone Gap (Magical Realism #2)

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Middle Grade

I have SO many great middle grade recommendations and they are normally easy to read and quite fun. So may not get to them all but it was hard to cut the list down to this many, lol. They also cross genres so would maybe cause me to want to read that genre next!

  1. The War That Saved My Life (Historical)
  2. The Graveyard Book (Paranormal)
  3. Restart (Contemporary)
  4. Dark Lord of Derkholm (Fantasy)
  5. The Secret Horses of Briar Hill (Magical Realism)
  6. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Hyped)
  7. Breadcrumbs (Retelling)
  8. The Thing About Jellyfish (Mental Health)
  9. A Mango-Shaped Space (Diverse)

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This is NOT the most original of reading challenges. I actually cobbled together aspects of challenges that didn’t totally work for me. In that sense I see this challenge as something you adapt to fit your OWN moody needs!! Feel free to make goals and lists as you need, or NOT!!

Use the hashtag #moodyreader to share your accomplishments (and review) on social media. If you post your own reading list then feel free to use my banner above in your post and please link to me so I can check out your books!!

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Are you participating in a reading challenge?

You may notice one HUGE genre missing… that is contemporary! I have a guest post coming later in the month that I hope will help me pick which I should add to the 3 or 4 I already picked (under Asian)… keep you eye open for that post!!

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Thanks for Reading XOXO




27 thoughts on “2018 Moody Reading Challenge”

  1. For the last two or three years, I’ve been participating in challenges for retellings and dystopia both of which are no longer being offered, as well as an ongoing mental illness challenge that was deleted this year. And an LGBT and Banned books challenge that have not turned up as of yet. Would be it all right to sign up for this challenge to read from any of those genres?

      1. Thanks, Though I don’t know if I’ll do all of them. I’m still uncertain if the banned books and LGBT ones will be offered, but I certainly want to do most of the others. I will decided what I’m doing, then sign up and let you know.

      1. I’d love to read Starfish, For Darkness Shows the Stars, Truthwitch, and Nevernight! Some of these I’ve been wanting to get to for a while but out of all of them I think I’m most excited to get to Nevernight since I’ve heard such great things about it c:

    I am so excited to read American Panda, and I think you’ll absolutely adore I Believe in a Thing Called Love for its K-drama aspects!
    AND A MANGO-SHAPED IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE BOOKS. I read it back in middle school for a book report (man I miss doing those!) and it’s one of my most reread books. Hope you enjoy!!!

    1. HALEY, THANK YOU SO MUCH! it’s so lovely of you to validate me, lol. ♥️ Really, I wasn’t sure if I should even share this… and I’m SOOOO excited about the books you mentioned! A Mango Shaped I believe is a recommendation I got from you on one of my middle grade reviews! I’m excited to read it. 😉

  3. I was actually thinking of doing something exactly like this! I have a LOT of series to finish (and start, for that matter) as well as some genres that I want to get back into. I have a huge list of retellings that I’ve compiled last year that I really want to read this year. Hopefully I can get my life together enough this month to make up my whole list and post it! My Heart and Other Black Holes is also on my list so I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  4. I love the idea of making your own challenge suited to your goals! This will work best.
    Good luck and I hope you have a great reading year!

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