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How to Stick Around to Become a Power Influencer in 4 Easy Steps + Why I’m NOT one YET

I’m a goalie… I LOVE to make goals… I love to CHASE goals and work at accomplishing them… So as the year comes to a close I’m taking this time to look to the future and readjust.  YES! As a goalie you have to retune, refine and redirect. It’s easy to get off target in the busy-ness of our everyday lives.

As I’ve looked back over the year I realize I almost QUIT blogging… there was a rough patch where I had to fight the feelings dragging me down and I had to think about where I wanted to head…

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Making it in the Community

My #1 advice to new bloggers is to NOT SWEAT THE NUMBERS… this is hard to do as even seasoned veterans can’t help but cheer when their numbers break records…


Who doesn’t want more visitors they can chat with about books?! Certainly we ALL want that… BUT it’s very easy to get blogger burn out.

In the interest of staving off this #dreadedbloggerdisease veteran bloggers will give you some basic advice…

Watercolor splot 4Be yourself! Sounds easy… fact of the matter is its easier to be yourself than trying to be someone you’re not… but it doesn’t stop us from trying.

Watercolor splot 3Have fun! This goes hand in hand with being yourself… its not fun to do what you think others want… its so much better to follow your heart and feels.

Watercolor splot 2Find your flow! This may mean scheduling posts. It may be posting everyday, MWF or once a week. Whatever it is should suit your time commitment…

Watercolor splot 1Interact with others! We’re talking about finding like minded bloggers you click with, making friends. I.E. Sharing your love of books (it’s why we’re here…)

There’s lots of other advice but these are the basics. You’ve probably read it a thousand different ways from bloggers you follow! And its always great to be reminded of the stepping stones to successful blogging. But…

What if you want to DO MORE, BE MORE… Dream bigger?!

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Becoming a Power Influencer

The best thing about ANY community is the community!! We want to have great conversations, many comments, likes and views. It’s a thrill when others take our advice and come away happier.

These bloggers influence. They share. They reach. They inspire. 

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They are the ones you lean forward in anticipation to read their posts… You wouldn’t dream of NOT leaving a comment! And you probably already know the bloggers I’m talking about!? There are two or three that just do it!

They influence the community. They influence you. They influence me.

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Are you dreaming bigger now?!

These are 4 concrete steps you can take to become influential. Of course, as with EVERYTHING, time plays a HUGE part… T-I-M-E wins every time (haha) so you can’t burn out. In the meantime though work on honing these skills…

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Watercolor splot 6 COMMENT…Everywhere, Consistently

Obviously I don’t mean literally every single blog out there. A range of blogs from within the community… and NOT just the mega bloggers you admire… Also the up and coming niche bloggers, bloggers who visit you regularly and bloggers who aren’t trying to rule the world but you love anyway. Choose wisely.

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You’ll want to form relationships by visiting often! And as consistently as possible! It’s hard to find the right balance with this… The more you network the more influential you’ll become as others enter and leave the community and yet you STICK AROUND.

Life gets in the way (this is my problem with this step!) so I’m NOT consistent at all… #bloggershame  That’s okay though… Keep going back! Every visit counts… (Remember this is a work in progress!)

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Watercolor splot 7 You MUST be Kind…

Or at least have an ENGAGING personality… This is a tough one to write about. There is no other way to say it but personality matters. Everybody has worth (I truly believe this!) Some bloggers come into the community and BOOM! 700 followers in 6 months or some such numbers. One of their gifts is probably a sterling personality. That’s okay that’s what they do well…

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Don’t worry… There is a longer route that TOTALLY relies on hard work and choices! That’s being kind… truly kind, authentic and lovely. Going out of your way for another person goes a long way in this world and the same is true in a community. It doesn’t have to be major favors… returning comments, linking to others posts that inspire you, and a myriad of other small ways… Kindness is its own superpower!!

I’m a bit of an odd ball. I don’t think that makes me less of a person and I like to think that I have blogger friends that see this as just being me (GAH! Thanks y’all, hopefully you know who you are!!) But I don’t have that instantaneous engaging personality… so I’m putting in the leg work instead!! #bloggergoals

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Watercolor splot 5 OPINIONATED Personalities Win Points

Because this translates into discussions. This doesn’t mean being pushy or ranting or really any negative way you can construe it. You still need to be yourself… but stand for something! BE PASSIONATE! Have things to say, put your spin on old ideas.

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As a part of a community we WANT to hear voices other than our own… We want to know the causes and concerns and knowledge that you’ve accumulated in your experiences.

Fear is what holds us back from sharing our opinions. We worry that others will take what we say the wrong way. We’re nagged by the horror that we’ll look stupid or turn others off. The only way we defeat this is by going out there are sharing anyway… (Note to self: MUST follow own advice!)

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Watercolor splot 8 Ambition to RULE THE WORLD

(I.E. you MUST be a feminist…) Hahahahahhha. Blogging is NOT EASY… and the more you are in it the more effort it takes. Something has got to motivate you! You don’t have to champion women’s rights if you don’t want to but you’ve got to be willing to stake your corner of the internet and lay it down.

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Motivation will get you somewhere! People leave the community everyday never to return… WHY?! Because they were no longer motivated to be here. Sharing these ambitions, these motivations with the community not only helps you to keep going but it allows them to see that you want to influence… You want to help grown the change!

I’m not sure that I want to rule the world to be quite frank (Can I be indecisive right now? Does that mean I’m NOT a feminist?!) but I do want to share my thoughts in MY corner of it…

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In Conclusion

Hey, I’m still working on interacting with the community consistently so I’m no power influencer yet… But my ambition is to stick around, throw my two cents out there and share ALL the passion in my heart! I’m still finding my flow and learning what works for me… It’s an ongoing process of trying new things and retaining what works.

The key is NOT TO BURN OUT! Persist! Have fun! Be yourself!

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What do you think?!

Do you want to be a power influencer? Are you already one?! What are your secrets?

What are your dreams for your blog? Are you motivated?

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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12 thoughts on “How to Stick Around to Become a Power Influencer in 4 Easy Steps + Why I’m NOT one YET”

  1. I just wanna have fun. I’d like to comment more, discuss more, but a lot of the time I simply don’t have the energy. Chronic pain drains a biologic battery quick :/ So, my biggest goal right now is to continue enjoying what I do.

  2. Gosh I *LOVE* this post so much!! I think you’ve given amazing advice 😊 ❤ I can totally relate to what you mean about putting in the legwork. And just ahh everything in this post!! So important to persist in particular!!!

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