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Top 5 Manga Series Spin-off Wishlist

Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm has her own meme on Tuesday but deals with the easier 5 choices per topic (which is SOOO nice!) I have been wanting to participate and decided this week was such a CREATIVE topic that I HAD to make a list myself… If you want to participate in December then check out the topics!!

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For this week the topic is top 5 books that need a spin off book/series. With the Harry Potter spin-offs doing so well I feel like this is such a timely topic! There are other authors that are getting in on the spin off action and I think it is a fun way to stay in the same world but go on a different journey… As I got started making my list… manga series kept popping into my mind instead of books…

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The Tea Dragon Society
by Katie O’Neill

This volume centers on two girls who meet two retired adventurers Hesekiel and Erik. It’s super cute and I NEED. A. TEA DRAGON. NOW. Read my review… An Enchantingly Graphic Dragon Tea Party.

My spin-off idea is to go back to when Hesekiel and Erik first met and form their old group up around them and take us on their adventures… with battles, healing and M/M romance! Toss in there some battle hungry girls too… perhaps the ones who had Greta and Minette’s dragons before they inherited them!

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Fruits Basket
by Natsuki Takaya

This series centers on a family under a curse that causes then to change into specific zodiac animals when kissed by the opposite sex. It is exactly like a paranormal contemporary romance except that is has so much FRIENDSHIP that you fall in love with everyone!! Literally, I kid you not, there is not one character that you do not totally fall for…

My spin-off idea is to take the younger kids (Kisa and Hiro would be my pick) and throw them into another PARANORMAL situation and totally CHANGE the genre type from contemporary fluff to paranormal adventure!!

Lavendar Squiggle Line7650230#3

Black Bird
by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Don’t be thrown off by that cover! This series is about the super cool Tengu clan, a Crow based Yokai and the human girl who can bring great prosperity to whomever captures her… (It’s not really smutty either!) It has a lot of promise for a more adventurous series too!

My spin-off idea is to take the great world building of the rival clans and the Tengu Lord’s servants and bodyguards and make a new trouble to pester the Tengu clan… Throw those bodyguards at that problem!! Kyo and Misao can certainly be part of that future world but in the background…

Lavendar Squiggle Line9414170#2

The Betrayal Knows My Name
by Hotaru Odagiri

This is a boy’s love but isn’t for mature audiences… (Again the cover is much more provocative than its interior!) It sets up this really great group of partners that have abilities and support one another as they protect a chosen one. There are demons after this chosen one and they are super powerful.

My spin-off idea is to take the partnership that is least showcased later in the series, brother and sister duo, Tooko and Tsukumo and throw them into a totally new adventure AFTER the events of this series… It’s actually a rather incomplete series so this could be considered a reboot… but lets get focus on the Zweilt as the MC instead of the chosen one!

Lavendar Squiggle Line23310828#1

The Ancient Magus’ Bride
by Kore Yamazaki

I’m LOVING THIS SERIES! You can read my fangirling for it in my review: The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Vol.1-2. Chise Hatori has become embroiled in a hazy world of the fae and other fantastical beings that aren’t so cute…

My spin-off idea is to resurrect Chise’s dead brother… in other words he DID NOT die when she thought he did as a boy and instead found his way into the fae world a totally different route from Chise! I can see a totally different sort of story rising from the same wonderful world…

Double Watercolor Lines in Pink and Purple

It was so fun to participate in Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday!! While I do enjoy participating in Top 10 Tuesday I love that I could do a more specialized list because I didn’t need to find 10 books…

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Do you read manga? Or have you read any in the past?

What do you enjoy spinning off? Is it side characters or the book world?

What BOOK spin-offs are on your wishlist?!

Thanks for Reading, XOXO

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