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#ThanksgivingReadathon TBR Goals

So yeah, I normally DO NOT participate in readathons… NOT because I don’t like them but because I normally have a lineup of books that must be read that are hard to shoehorn into a readathons fun prompts. BUT my good blogger friend, Jackie B @ Death By Tsundoku and her friend, Ottavia @ Novels and Nonfiction have provided the SIMPLEST readathon ever PLUS a giveaway for participants!!

So I am one of those people who rebel very quietly… shhhhh, it is not the 20th yet but this is the free day I have for this post so it will have to be a little early… If you want to know how it works just click on one of the lovely blogger’s posts above to get all the dirt!

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Hopefully by Monday I will have read 5 or 6 of my proposed 10 books for the month (see above the books I had half finished when I wrote this post)… I find it hard to squeeze in more than that with my schedule and I have been in a bit of a reading slump *sobs softly* My goal then is to get a serious head start on the last 5 books I will read for the month!! I don’t know if I will finish any of them… hopefully at least 1?! Okay, pushing for 2 with the hopes of finishing all 5 before November 30th!

Below are the books I’m looking to read… Wish me luck!!

Talking Spoilers Just a Line


My Backlogged Published ARCs Pick for November
The Falconer
by Elizabeth May

The first book in a series with book #3 published in 2017… Edinburgh, 1844. Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, has everything a girl could dream of: brains, charm, wealth, a title… but she ALL she wants is to slay the faery who destroyed her mother. A rare ability to sense the faery race, a knack for inventing tools and weapons and with the aid of a mysterious mentor she’ll do something about that faery problem…

Steampunk, faery race and a historical time period… sounds like a magical combination to me!

Talking Spoilers Just a Line

34374637Read for Review Series: Wyrms of Pasandir #2
The Pirates of Brisa
by Paul E. Horsman

After Eskandar liberates Kalbakar Keep with his new friend broomrider girl Kellani, and the other skilled kids they’d befriended along the way he learns what he must do for his future. As a Wyrmcaller; a person of great magic, a speaker with wyrms, and the defender of Bodrus the Sleeping God he must fight off an ancient lich lord with an army of mad minions, aided by the jinn and a bunch of pirates. This will take all the friends he’s got…

A mini-dragon, an eclectic group of talented teenagers and some fun and crazy magical adventures all make this a sequel I’m pleased to dive into!!

Talking Spoilers Just a Line

35247769Finish A Contemporary Series
Always and Forever, Lara Jean
by Jenny Han

Lara Jean is having the best senior year. And there’s still so much to look forward to: a class trip to New York City, prom with her boyfriend Peter, Beach Week after graduation, and her dad’s wedding to Ms. Rothschild. Then she’ll be off to college with Peter, at a school close enough for her to come home and bake chocolate chip cookies on the weekends…until she gets some unexpected news.

I’m sad and excited to read the last book about Lara Jean. I expect her to grow up and be a young adult and embrace the changes coming…

Talking Spoilers Just a Line

16034235Doorstop Huge, Hyped Book Series Start
Throne of Glass
by Sarah J. Maas

Celaena, an assassin is summoned to the castle, not to kill the king but to defeat 23 killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition, to become the king’s champion. A crown prince will provoke her and the captain of the guard will protect her but it is rooting out the evil in the castle of glass that will save her.

An assassin, a love triangle and a murder mystery… I’m not sure about this combination but I am ready and willing to dive into Maas’ other massively hyped book series.

Talking Spoilers Just a Line

22840421Just for Fun Read
My Lady Jane
by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

At 16, Lady Jane Grey is about to be married off to a stranger and caught up in a conspiracy to rob her cousin, King Edward, of his throne. But those trifling problems aren’t for Jane to worry about. Jane is about to become the Queen of England. Featuring a reluctant king, an even more reluctant queen, a noble steed, and only a passing resemblance to actual history—because sometimes history needs a little help.

A rewritten history with a horse shifter.. YES, I said a horse shifter!! Plus its kind of a stand alone as its part of a series about different Janes from history… (It will have to be last as I have to wait for my hold to come through… I’m first on the list though…)

Talking Spoilers Just a Line

Happy Thanksgiving From the USA

For Thanksgiving my family is super traditional and LOVES turkey with all the trimmings… We stuff the turkey (the secret is to cool the dressing before stuffing), make cranberry sauce (real not canned) and even have homemade gravy (what can I say we come together around food!) There is also a couple of jello salads we make (and all fight over!) We talk about what we are grateful for and we enjoy each others company!! It’s low key perfection…

Lets Chat feather banner

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Are you a turkey or ham sort of family? Any special dish you make around the holidays?

Are you going to participate in #ThanksgivingReadathon? Do you like giveaways?

Have you read any of these books? Am, I on the road to happiness or disappointment?

Thanks for reading XOXO

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41 thoughts on “#ThanksgivingReadathon TBR Goals”

  1. YAY YAY YAY YAYYYYY!! Welcome to the Thanksgiving Readathon, Dani! I’m super excited you’re joining us. Reading slumps are the WORST. I was in one recently (and a blogging slump, yikes!) and it was rough. I find that readathons help me get out of them (most of the time) because I force myself to read, but I don’t force myself to read anything I *don’t want to*. That’s key. If you don’t enjoy something, put it down and find something else. You can always pick it up again!

    Legend is the next audiobook on my queue! I am super excited to start reading it. I hope you are enjoying it. I look forward to seeing your eventual review. 😀 Plus:YAY The Falconer! This is super exciting. I think that might get you out of your slump. Maybe. 😉

    Anywho. GOOD LUCK! I can’t wait to see your progress. ❤

    1. Thanks Jackie! ♥️ I’m getting a late start with the books I want to read but I’m super excited! I’m going to take that advice I think and not force anything… especially since every hyped book I’ve read this month has been a bit of a slog in some way for me… I’m fingers crossed for The Falconer! 😳 I hope you love listening to Legend! What a book to listen too… I wonder if they will have 2 voices for each POV?!

      1. UGH. I’m so sorry that your recent reads have been a slog. That’s so frustrating. I get into a slump when I find multiple book club books in a row are not my cup of tea. Then it takes a really special book to jar me out of it.

        My Legend audio book does have two narrators! Mariel Stern and Steven Kaplan. I love it when that happens, honestly. Particularly if both narrators are strong. That makes for a fun read!

      2. I can’t wait for your review then Jackie! 2 narrators would be exciting to me too! ♥️ Actually I started the first 4 chapters of Falconer last night and zipped right through them! It may be the book that rights my world… 😉 I can see where multiple book club books you DON’T enjoy could cause a slump!

    1. Thanks Raven!! Mad Magic was good for me… my review posted today 🙂 I’m SOOO LOVING Falconer which I just started!! WHY did I wait so long?! Ooooh I’m so happy to hear you LOVED TOG!! So many people have said they disliked it so its daunted me a little in starting in since it is soooo long… Thanks so much for sharing that with me ❤

  2. Ooh great tbr! I’ve not finished the Lara Jean series (honestly, I know I could read that at any point and love it, but I just want to be able to read it when I can give it my undivided attention 😉 ) Hope you enjoy them all!

  3. So cool to see you participate in Jackie’s readathon! You even got some mega popular reads lined up for the event! 😀 I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s definitely a nice to remember what we’re all grateful for! It also follows up with one of the most most-spending day ever (Black Friday!)

    1. I knew that many of my favorite bloggers are not from the US… but it’s too true that a time of gratitude is still a good thing, Lashaan! I’m not sure about the popular reads because I was thinking of the 5 I read at the beginning of the month til now… and yeah they have not satisfied like I hoped they would 😢

  4. Awww I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving because I totally would have participated in this readathon! I wish you the best of luck though and I hope you get through some (if not all) of these book! And let me know what you think of Throne of Glass if you get to it—I’m still lot sure whether I want to read it or not!

  5. Yay! Our first official Readathon sign-up. And don’t worry, it’s totally fine that it’s before the 20th. Part of the whole chill readathon thing 🙂 I clearly don’t read as much fantasy or YA as you do, but out of the books you picked I have been intrigued by My Lady Jane in the past, so I’d be interested to read your review!

    1. YAY I’m first! Thanks Ottavia! ♥️ I’ll certainly share a review after I’m done with My Lady Jane.😉 And your prize pack is incredible! I was looking around a store yesterday wondering how you pull one of those together, very well done… And funny enough my favorite bloggers DO NOT read the same kinds of books as me nor me them.

      1. Thanks Dani! It did take a couple of tries at two different stores to get the giveaway prize all coordinated and exactly the way I wanted it, but it was worth it. I wanted to make sure to make it something I would really want to win myself if I had the option 😉

  6. Best of luck for this readathon, Dani! I can’t wait to know what you think of this last Lara Jean book, I found it adorable and bittersweet, just like I expected this ending to be 🙂

  7. One side of my family is Puerto Rican (and the other side doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving), so we mainly just stick to Puerto Rican modes of celebration. Although we do eat turkey, we mostly focus on making (and eating!) pernil with rice and pigeon peas. My mom’s side is also Catholic (as am I), so we traditionally tend to start the day by going to Church and giving thanks to God. Then we eat and just have a good time with each other. For a time, we would also see “The Sound of Music” after eating and sing along. Now, we just go on Black Friday or that Saturday after Thanksgiving to the movie theaters and watch something together. In 2013, we got together and watched the Frozen premiere, which was super fun! 🙂

    1. Wow Snow… THANKS FOR SHARING… 😉 that is so cool! Pigeon peas look so good (I looked it up) and pernil rice yummy! I agree church is a great part of thanksgiving and just remembering why we have all that we have… we also see a movie after… I love that tradition! ♥️

      1. That dish is my favorite Puerto Rican dish (and if you squeeze in fried plantains, it’s even better!). If you ever get the chance to try it, let me know what you think! 🙂

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